January 28, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy S9 update is now available in the Netherlands

Samsung is releasing the new Galaxy S9 update today in the Netherlands and Belgium. On board there are stability improvements and the March patch.

Galaxy S9 2022 update

As early as March, we predicted that the Galaxy S9 would be back with a new security fix. After all, the device is still on Samsung’s update schedule even now, four years after its launch. Well, we don’t expect him to stay there much longer. That’s why we’ll be looking a bit ahead at the future of the update for the device. But today you don’t have to worry about that.

~215MB update brings Galaxy S9 and S9+ to G960FXXUHFVB4 and G965FXXUJHFVB4 firmware versions respectively. The change list tells us that all the latest security patches will be installed through March, including those that happened in March. So far, the S9 was still working on the November package last year.

Furthermore it ,Improved overall stability of features† Of course, the update no longer brings new functionality to the device, which continues to work on Android 10 and One UI 2.5.

The future of update for Galaxy S9

Samsung Launched Galaxy S9 in February 2018, attended so far Not out after two weeks† A quick look at the calendar shows that this was over four years ago. Although Samsung has not officially announced the S9 Four years of updates I promised – that just started with Galaxy S10 Chain – This support period has been an unofficial practice for South Koreans for a longer period. Now this period is coming to an end.

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At the time of writing, the device was still In the Samsung official update list – with devices Which is updated every three months† We sincerely expect this to change in the short term, and for the Galaxy S9 to disappear completely from the list at the beginning of April. This does not mean that the device will never receive an update, but that you can no longer count on it regularly. So today’s update might be one of the last regular updates for my S9 and S9+.


The update is currently available in the Netherlands on without brand Galaxy S9. We expect it in the short term also on the S9 + and on the Belgian models. the different branded Vodafone and T-Mobile devices will also be updated, although this may take a little longer.

Did you receive the update on your Galaxy S9? Did you notice anything else?