May 28, 2024

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Samsung is really now announcing Android 12 beta for the Galaxy S21 series

What turned out to be a bug at the end of July is now real: Samsung announced Android 12 beta on Galaxy S21 Series. The program itself is expected to start in early September.

Samsung announced the release of Android 12 beta Galaxy S21

To everyone’s surprise, Samsung has already released end of July Find out that the first Android 12 beta test will be released soon. Soon it turned out that there was a case of “oops, wrong button” – the ad was posted by chance and too soon. Now, over a month later and still much earlier than in previous years, it was time.

on her South Korea Forum Let Samsung know today that the beta for Android 12 and 4 . Single User Interfacethus‘ will open. The first devices for which testing begins are the models in the Galaxy S21 series: S21, S21 + and of course Galaxy S21 Ultra. Whether other models will get their beta later and which ones are not yet known.

The test offers the first real look at the software you will soon have on your device Samsung phone You can check. Not only brings New Android 12 Features – A lot of it was previously on Galaxy devices – but it’s basically One UI 4 where the real changes will be found. Innovations in design and functionality nowadays are mainly found in Samsung’s own interface, after all.

No, not in Holland

Provided you are eligible to participate, you can register at the beginning of September from Samsung members The app on your phone. First of all, users from South Korea are eligible. After some time, more markets will follow, such as England, the United States and Germany. In recent years, you have, unfortunately, never been able to part with a Dutch or Belgian device.

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Of course we will do our best to get a device into the beta program, so that we can also give you a comprehensive preview of the upcoming program Android 12 update on Samsung phones.

Of course, the beta version is just one stage in the development of the big Android 12 upgrade that will arrive on many different Samsung devices later. While it’s hard to predict which Galaxy device will get the upgrade, it’s clear that the beta version will start very early this year. The Android 11 beta for Galaxy S20 It only started in mid-October last year – over a month later. So Samsung is likely to roll out Android 12 faster than Android 11 last year. But: see first, then believe, etc.

If you want to know if your Galaxy device will also get an upgrade to Android 12 – and when it’s coming soon – check out our great size Samsung-Galaxy and Android-12 update overview.