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Zana Udo Miss Teen of Friesland 2020/2021 on her passion: “I am very happy to have started this path!”

Zana Udo Miss Teen of Friesland 2020/2021 on her passion: “I am very happy to have started this path!”

If she wins the Miss Holland title, she can represent the Netherlands internationally. “It is very exciting and very fun. I think it is really cool that I became Miss Teen of Friesland.” Zana does all this in addition to her psychology training at an American university. Before that, she swam at the highest level for 11 years, trying to do everything at a high level

Do you already have modeling or beauty pageant experience?

“I started modeling at a very young age. My mom was just asked on the street if I could join. I loved it and went there with great pleasure, because it was a kind of game. My dad (just like with a beauty pageant) thought I shouldn’t So at first,” Zhanna says with a laugh. “In the end, he saw that I was having the best time.”

“Even when I was growing up I still really loved modeling. I did it until I was 18, but missed an obvious target. My mom saw it, I came across this beauty pageant online and thought it was a thing for me!”

self development

“So I went to the ‘choice’ beauty pageant in Friesland. I was like ‘we’ll all see.’ It’s probably just a good look. But fortunately it worked. Miss philanthropy has to be committed and personal growth. That means you have to challenge yourself a lot. I was completely insecure at first. But now I have a mission and a clear goal.”

The casting day took place in February 2020. On April 18, 2020, it will be the final. However, due to COVID-19, everything has been postponed for a year. This has given me more time to prepare and I have been able to show tremendous growth. That was nice. I was able to focus on something every day for a year and do something.”

Fashion show or beauty pageant?

“Beauty queens appeal to me more than modeling. In the world of modeling, it’s mainly about ‘look’. When you come into contact with models, it quickly feels like competition. Models are more individualistic. This can make you insecure. For example, if You’re not asked for a ‘photo session’, you’ll quickly feel it’s because of your looks.”

“The beauty pageant is not about your height. As a model you should be about 1.74 meters tall. It doesn’t matter your weight, your height, beauty spots, the length of your hair. During the beauty pageant I had the opportunity to show more of myself. Not only my appearance, but also what’s inside of me!” I think conveying this is great.”

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What is your message

“In elementary school I received the basic CITO Advice Framework/Framework. Children with dyslexia and dyscalculia are often not taken into account. The test focuses too much on spelling and arithmetic. I have what is called “comorbidity”. This means that I have dyscalculia and dyslexia.A test by a remedial education specialist showed that I could still do a VWO level.Then my parents chose an international school.English makes more sense for someone with dyslexia and dyscalculia.It came easy for me.I was even allowed to skip class.I completed Finally a VWO in five years. I’m in university now, which I would have been able to do later.”

“My message is to set goals, follow your dreams and that you can achieve anything in life if you really strive for it. I often felt so lonely in elementary school, because I had dyslexia I had to sit at a side table. That’s not nice. That’s why I want to I teach young people that you can achieve and get everything done. I am a good example of that. And that you should continue to believe in yourself and do things you really enjoy. Whatever anyone else says. This is very important. If you really want to achieve something, try to make the most of it. of it for yourself!”

What do you do to get your message across?

“I have written and published a children’s book jointly with Miss Intercontinental Friesland Suzette van der Pol and Miss Beauty of Friesland Alysha Bunicich. The book is called Be Happy and fits right in with my theme “#Makeyourlifebeautiful.” Proceeds from this will go to the Linda Foundation. The Linda Foundation works With Miss Holland. All participants in the Miss Beauty contest can raise money for this charity. The money goes to children who live in poverty in the Netherlands, children who can’t do anything extra and can’t even celebrate a birthday. Because of the pandemic, she sees that More people are struggling financially. For example, because they have lost their jobs. As a result, they can give less for their children. This means that we, being “wrong”, are starting to work harder.”

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“I’ve already sold over 100 books. We printed 1,000 brochures. That means they are still on sale after the election. Even after Miss Beauty is elected, I want to keep working and pass on my story to others. Many people think Miss Beauty and the pageant industry are only focused on Beauty and we want to prove otherwise with our story in the brochure We wrote all the scripts ourselves and all the Frisian audiences contributed their own message The illustrations were made by my father’s company I am so proud that I can sell books and the proceeds go to this charity When I was a little girl I felt A lot of times I’m on my own. That’s why I also want kids to read the book and realize they’re not alone.”

How do you deal with difficult periods in your life?

“I meditate a lot and try to be as positive as possible. It gives me so much peace on the inside! It motivates me so much.”

“I came a long way by supporting my parents. But as soon as I went to high school, I started believing in myself more and more.”

“Now I study psychology at an American university in Leiden. I can immediately apply what I learned there while writing a children’s book. It goes well because I’m having such a good time. I think it’s important that other kids get this too. They can do something that they enjoy.” Really after graduation. This fact stirs so much passion inside me, especially because I’ve experienced it all by myself and it brings so much to me now.”

What does the name mean to you?

“I am very happy. It makes me feel that I can achieve anything and that anything is possible. Winning the title seemed like an affirmation. Their belief that I deserve the title makes me very happy. The people close to me have always believed in me. But winning the title really gives me a huge boost to get more out of myself and my life.”

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“As a beauty queen, you have to show that you are working on yourself and that you are developing more. You also have to learn to be happy with what you have already achieved and work towards a goal. Miss has a title and this title makes it easier for her to show what you stand for. Like I am now allowed to give an interview With this newspaper,” Zhanna says.

What did you like most about the Miss Beauty period?

“I learned a lot about myself during this process. At first I sometimes thought: “What did I start with?” So much came to me. But now I am really glad I took it. It really brought me so much. While taking very interesting photos, you learn to accept yourself As you are. We also received many different trainings. For example, you learn all about makeup and hair care and receive podium training. I also learned how to handle press inquiries and how to speak from my heart.”

“In short, the whole process is fun. I see girls as my friends that I grow with. Whoever wins, as long as personal growth is great, that’s all good. It’s an experience that I wish for everyone.”

Where does your leadership come from?

“I always had to have a goal. When I was still competitive in swimming, my goal was to push my personal limits to get the most out of it. I didn’t mind the hard work because I stuck to my goal. Now with a beauty pageant, my journey is of course to get The next title. It gives me a boost to try harder. My development stems from my desire to achieve the title of Miss Holland Teenager. I have to grow to get there. If I win this title, my goal remains the same and I want to get my message across to more young people.”