October 2, 2023

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Scarlett Johansson stunned everyone with this dress: breathtakingly beautiful

Scarlett Johansson stunned everyone with this dress: breathtakingly beautiful

Actress Scarlett Johansson has been and still is one of the most talked about names in Hollywood. When she appears on the red carpet, all the cameras are on her. She completely stole the show at the 70th Venice Film Festival.

The Manhattan, New York City-born blonde is of course a star of the silver screen, but not of social media. So Scarjo’s Instagram account cannot be found. The photo below comes from one of her Instas fans.

Modern movies
First, a look at her recent and upcoming appearances on the silver screen. This year, she appeared in two Wes Anderson films Asteroid city And drama North star By Kristin Scott Thomas.

It also has many ready-made projects. She will be heard as the character Elita in the animated film Transformers one She stars in the Disney action film Tower of terror. the room Artemis Project By Greg Berlanti She has already signed up and if all goes well she will also appear in the drama wife And the room Paris Paramount.

In black
During the 70th Venice Film Festival, she wore a black dress, making it probably one of the most striking looks on the red carpet. She was there for her movie, among other things Under the skin I’m classy.

Would you like to see 38-year-old Scarlett Johansson in her black dress? You can find pictures Now here And here On Instagram, Scarlett Johansson’s world. There are also video images and you can find them at Youtube.