June 21, 2024

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Screenshot Sunday #120 – Inside.Gamer

Screenshot Sunday #120 – Inside.Gamer

Welcome to Screenshot Sunday, the weekly post where we discuss games through beautiful, crazy, or interesting screenshots. Maybe you will get a new wallpaper. Involved? Add a screenshot in the comments or send it here Google form.

I already mentioned last Friday in the “What are we playing this weekend” thread that there would be no screenshot on Sunday that day. the reason? A few days ago, my computer’s hard drive unexpectedly crashed. Of course, I never made backups or made sure I saved certain files elsewhere, so I also unfortunately lost two articles I had prepared to publish on this site at some point. I also got some cool screenshots (I think) that I wanted to share in the weekly section. Hopefully these files can still be saved somehow, otherwise I’ll have to rewrite the articles. This is what it is. But that’s why there was no screenshot last Sunday. In the meantime, I bought a new, fairly simple computer, moved the video card and Elgato recording card over and in my spare time tweaked the whole thing the way I wanted. The capture card seems to be working properly again, but I still have to test this more extensively. Since I had a fairly busy weekend last week, skipping a week didn’t seem like a bad idea. Fortunately, we are now back in action and ready to go!

It’s raining

What a surprise, more World of Warcraft Classic! Yes, I feel good and I’m getting closer to level 50. After that, there are only eight more left and I can pass through The Dark Portal towards Outland, but that won’t happen next week.

I’m back baby!

I always love the quests you get from an item.

…and Clank.

The Caves of Time will always be strange.

Just saying.

I just set this as the wallpaper for my new computer.

Follow this bird!

I hated this endeavor so much.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy road to hell!


He may have missed the announcement that there was no screenshot on Sunday last week, because I received it that Saturday, but what’s in the barrel simply doesn’t spoil and so we can now enjoy it.

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Pictures are from the game Gear Tactics. I know, but that’s all. I imagine it as a game similar to Xcom, but set in the Gears Of War universe.

Oh shit, that’s a big boy!

Artist 1987

He moved well Hat in timeThis amazing platform game. I think these title cards in particular look really nice.

Say Are you over 16 years old?

It’s always been me.

Break the fourth wall.

I can see it now!

I’m ready for my close-up, mister. Demile.

Suddenly I feel a craving for chicken nuggets.

It’s elementary, Hutsune.

This is a mess!

She’s sooooooooo beautiful!

As he played Proforce. These figures look really lifted and the look somehow reminds me of Super Meat Boy. He also promised to follow with more screenshots.

Suddenly I heard the first team’s tone.

He treats his mother right.

America, damn yes!


It’s all RPGs as usual, including two very recent titles. Take him away!

Final Fantasy XIV. It’s still my favorite MMORPG to play. The great thing is that you can even play it using a controller. It takes some getting used to compared to a keyboard and mouse, but after a while the skill sets are at your fingertips. The MMO is also a bit cooler than many other MMORPGs, with less hassle and more doing what you want and I like that. Fortunately, my wife is also a big fan of this game, so we often play this game together. The story is on pause for a while as I gather my main characters for an event, but after the event we happily continue.

In this regard, you can often play these games however you want. I’ve previously set up World Of Warcraft to be used with a controller, but this works better with melee classes, because you quickly need the mouse to range.

Someone took the phrase “when can pigs fly” too literally.

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Hey, I’m in the game too!

I have yet to score a plush one than that.

Cruyff couldn’t have said it better.

Baldur’s Gate III. The game has been available on PC for 3 years in early access. But since I don’t play on PC anymore, I never thought about it. When the rave reviews came in and I learned that the game would also be released on console, I became even more excited. I haven’t played a lot of CRPGs so the character creator was a bit difficult to get past. What race, what class, what stats should I have, etc. But this is basically just tinkering and testing. You can change the camera view, you can do old-fashioned top-down CRPG style or use a third-person view from the shoulder. And then it secretly looks so good. I can’t really comment on the content yet, it’s only been live since last night, but it’s off to a positive start.

I know the PC version was very well received and made the Triple A developers a bit foolish. So it is still possible. I hope the PS5 version comes close to that.

Red hair = always good.

Don’t I know you from Stranger Things?

Take a nap.

Starfield. A game I’ve been looking forward to for a while. It is also called Fallout or Skyrim in space. And this is true. It’s really like those games but in space. You visit planets, complete quests, talk to people, and build your ship. There is a lot of freedom in what you can do. It’s a very good RPG, and if you like Bethesda RPGs, I can recommend this game.

I have to be honest, it means nothing to me, but there are probably people who follow the indie scene better than me. Did you say Bethesda? I’ll Google it sometime. This could be a good up-and-coming developer.

my darling…

get ready to go?

I see the stars, and now the field.

Just wait until Aquaman finds out.

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I always bought it after swimming lessons.

Oddly enough I get a clicking and clicking feeling from this.

Vault 2082, opening soon.

“The funny thing is that just like with Oblivion, you have an adoring fan. Someone who is your biggest fan, who stalks you and every time you meet him he praises you like you’re a god. It’s funny, but it can also be annoying after a while. What’s nice is that it’s been done.” Using the same actor in Oblivion.

Can you bother him too?

This was the case for number 120. A beautiful return after a week of absence. Would you also like to see the return of the section? Then send your screenshots that way. Until next!

Did you know?

My computer keyboard also decided to stop working this weekend? And yes, I promised to take a screenshot on Sunday, so of course there has to be a new one, otherwise I won’t be able to show my digital face here at all anymore. Well, I still had to do some shopping today, so I immediately went to MediaMarkt. Fortunately they had enough of lying. Personally, I always want one with a wire, because I don’t really like wireless mice and keyboards. As a result, another part fell out. I quickly saw a nice, compact keyboard with the wired keyboard. This was the Steelseries Apex 9 Mini.

It looked good, but I couldn’t find any good reviews for it at the moment, so I returned it. Eventually it became Qware Detroit.

I have no idea if it’s worth it, but the price really appealed to me and I’ll see how long it lasts. I would have liked one with RGB lighting again, as I rarely have the light on at night so a little bit of lighting coming from the keyboard would be helpful. Anyway, we’re back in business again! #party