December 1, 2023

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Sending parcels using Bpost is more expensive between Black Friday and Christmas |  money

Sending parcels using Bpost is more expensive between Black Friday and Christmas | money

Bpost is temporarily, for the first time, increasing its prices for sending parcels between Black Friday and Christmas Day. How much is the additional cost? Is it cheaper to have parcels delivered to a collection point rather than home?

The end of the year is right around the corner and that means busy days for Bpost and its employees. During this period, the volume of letters and parcels increases significantly. Bpost processes an average of 549,000 parcels per day, with peaks reaching 750,000 per day during the busiest times. To accommodate additional operating costs during this condensed period, Bpost will implement… Additional cost of 1 euro For each package shipped through December 25th.

Bpost has been charging a higher cost rate to its professional clients during this period for years. Bpost is now also extending temporary price increases to you and me, to its private customers.

What is its price?

You can arrange to have a parcel sent online as an individual 5 euros. At this rate, you can create the shipping label yourself and deliver the package to one of the 3,000 collection points. You pay to have it sent to a specific address 1.40 euros extra. You are paying for additional warranty 1.35 euros.

Value pack (Here Bpost guarantees security and the recipient must sign upon receipt, editor.) Sending it to someone will cost you from Black Friday to Christmas 8.75 eurosYou can arrange this for you at the point of sale and payment 10.15 euros.

The small online store will also have to take additional costs into account. They decide themselves whether to pass this cost on to the final consumer.

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during this link You can easily calculate the cost price and create your own shipping label. This way you can save costs by partly taking the administrative work into your own hands and taking it out of Bpost’s hands.

Businesses and self-employed people (in secondary professions) whose products are delivered with Bpost will also feel this in their costs. A professional shipper, such as a small online store, will have to take the additional costs into account. Each online store will have to decide for itself whether or not to pass these costs (in full) to the end consumer.

Stamps are also more expensive

In addition to the ‘end-of-year surcharge’, stamp prices will also rise in 2024. You currently pay €1.39 per piece for a non-priority stamp, but this will rise to 1.43 euros. For priority stamps, the current price is €2.17 each, but this will rise to 2.27 euros In 2024, or 2.23 euros per piece if you purchase a full sheet of ten stamps.

The postage rate for shipments within Europe is currently: 2.66 euros When you purchase a minimum of five stamps and 2.78 euros When purchasing per piece. For international shipments outside Europe, the current rate is 2.88 euros When you purchase a minimum of five stamps and 3 euros Per unit.

Bpost warns that prices could rise again by 3 percent during 2024. For those who send letters regularly, it may be worth building a stock of stamps.

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