November 29, 2023

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The well-known bankrupt road construction company, BV, does not want the clay ropes

The well-known bankrupt road construction company, BV, does not want the clay ropes

As expected, the Company Court declared Superbeton, the road construction company from Aarschot, bankrupt. The debt mountain is said to have reached between 7 and 8 million euros. Limburg’s owner, Michel Koeman, felt forced to close the books because he no longer saw the recovery plan as feasible. Fredrik Lehrmans, the former owner, regrets the accusations of wrongdoing, but does not wish to get into a debate over the question of guilt.

Superbeton began two generations ago as a concrete plant and drilling company. The family business performed well, and at its peak had 4 branches and 150 employees. After selling the concrete business, the Larrimans focused on road construction. This also became a success story. The entrepreneurship behind Superbeton was beautifully depicted in the popular program The Sky is the Limit, where the then artistic director Frederik Laermanns managed to win the sympathy of all of Flanders with his cheerful personality and open heart. However, business performance has deteriorated significantly in recent years. He was even forced to file for protection against creditors. A few months ago, he sold his company to the Limburg Iterum company of Michael Koeman and Vincent Hendricks, in his own words because he was tired of fighting to keep the various marks high and give employees a better future.

The acquiring company initially had a good eye on Superbeton’s rescue. Michel Koeman now says that several unexpected setbacks occurred and he was misled. “That’s why I had to give up,” he says. Last week, Superbeton’s books were filed, which has now led to it declaring bankruptcy. This also leaves many creditors, such as suppliers and subcontractors of the past, in the lurch. .

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Fredrik Lehrmans said Wednesday that he prefers not to comment on the demise of his former company. “It hurts me a lot. I won’t throw mud or accuse others. That’s not my style. I just feel sorry that it’s being presented as if I’m being dishonest. That’s not the case. I stand tall. As for the rest, I prefer to refrain from commenting,” Laermans concludes.