April 22, 2024

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Sharp decline in norovirus and rotavirus in 2020

In 2020, the total number of reported gastrointestinal infections fell sharply compared to previous years. Norovirus and rotavirus reports have been down for most of the past year, with infections down 56 percent and 68 percent respectively compared to 2019. This may be a result of measures and advice that have been put in place during the coronavirus pandemic, such as travel restrictions, social distancing, hand washing and lockdowns. restaurant industry. This was reported by RIVM.

Norovirus and rotavirus are transmitted mainly from person to person. also the number food-related infections They were lower, such as infection with salmonella or campylobacter bacteria. The number of people who became ill from the bacteria Listeria (Listeria) has remained the same. These bacteria can be found mainly in (smoked) fish, cheese and meat products with a long shelf life. The number of cases of leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) acquired in the Netherlands has not changed. Leptospirosis is transmitted mainly through contact with water and mud.

Notable outbreak

Despite the sharp decline, there were a few observed outbreaks in 2020. In an outbreak, one source of infection causes several patients. For example, with salmonella in an institution for the disabled after eating a Turkish pizza provided by a catering company. There has also been a significant spread of norovirus associated with a buffet on a boat. Finally, there have been three (smaller) outbreaks of listeriosis where there has been an association with a food product (trout fillet, eel, and soft cheese).

By: National Care Guide