December 5, 2023

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Should you clean your chimney?  And can/can you also do this yourself?  |  My guide

Should you clean your chimney? And can/can you also do this yourself? | My guide

LiviusIn order for you to be able to fully enjoy your attractive fireplace or fireplace in the near future, it is important that it functions properly. A clean chimney plays an important role in this. Livios construction site Guides you through the topic.

A clean chimney is…

Because every heating device powered by wood, gas, coal or fuel oil is a potential source of carbon dioxide. This happens if the appliances are not adjusted properly or if the chimney is not drawn correctly. If there is too little oxygen in the room, it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additionally, with a clean chimney, there is less risk of a chimney fire. By cleaning your chimney, you can remove any clogs and prevent deposits in the flue from igniting. This way you avoid many risks.

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Because a clean chimney reduces the concentration of particles and soot. However, soot particles and particulates are released when wood and gas are burned. It is therefore better for the environment and yourself to ensure clean combustion to reduce emissions. The amount of particles emitted depends on the type of stove or heater you choose and the method of heating it.

Heating with logs or pellets: This is how you deal with it smartly.

Because when your chimney is clean, it runs more efficiently and uses less fuel. Of course this is only good for your wallet.

Mandatory versus recommended

Whether you have to clean your chimney depends on various factors, such as whether your boiler is connected to the central heating system or not. If your central heating appliance runs on solid fuel, such as wood or pellets, you should have a certified technician come annually to perform maintenance. Maintenance also includes cleaning the chimney. There is a commitment every two years for gas appliances.

For a pellet, gas, wood or single-burning stove, a chimney sweep is not mandatory, but is recommended for the reasons mentioned above. Also check your home insurance: Some insurance companies impose mandatory chimney cleaning. This can only work to your advantage in the event of a fire.

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JUST Sweep: You can do it yourself

If you are using wood blocks or pellets, you can easily do a number of things yourself. It is therefore a good idea to regularly remove combustion ash from the fireplace itself or from the ash pan. A layer of ash doesn’t hurt, it insulates the bottom, but it’s better to remove too much ash. If the amount of ash is abnormally high, it is wise to have your fireplace or fireplace inspected by a professional. Your device may be misconfigured. Count up to a few hundred euros for this check. In addition to removing ash, you can clean the lower grille and air supply duct.

You can also deal with the chimney itself. You can use a chemical cleaning block for this purpose. You can get these blocks for around 10 euros. Or you can work the classic way, removing soot residue with a chimney cleaning kit. As for other matters, it is better to contact a specialist.

Are you a do-it-yourself chimney sweep? Find out the step-by-step plan to get started here.

This is how the professionals do it

If you hire a chimney sweep, they can work two ways — or rather, two ways — to remove soot residue. Or clean the chimney from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. Count on an average of 60 to 100 euros for a chimney cleaning.

In case of mandatory cleaning, you can have the chimney cleaned by a certified technician, who will also service the boiler. Or by a chimney sweep who cleans the chimney for boiler maintenance. You will then receive a certificate from the sweeper, which you can present to the technician performing the maintenance. Count on a price of 110 euros to 150 euros.

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If the chimney is heavily polluted or, for example, a bird’s nest has to be removed, the price will obviously be higher.

Good to know

Is your home more than 10 years old and have you cleaned the chimney with a certified vacuum? Then you can claim the reduced VAT rate. Then you pay 6 percent instead of 21 percent.

Some chimney sweeps offer maintenance contracts, ensuring regular maintenance is performed. These are often cheaper, but read the contract carefully.

Finally, if you are a renter, you are responsible for all maintenance. This also includes cleaning the chimney. The owner is responsible for repairs or defects.

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