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Six days of Ghent: van den Bosch and Havik dive into the fifth night as leaders |  Ghent six days lotto

Six days of Ghent: van den Bosch and Havik dive into the fifth night as leaders | Ghent six days lotto

Robbe Ghys and Lindsay De Vylder both lost their leading positions to Fabio van den Bosch and Joweri Havick on Saturday night in Koebke in Gent. The departing Elio Kissé and his companion Jasper de Buest were third.

Stand six days from Ghent
1. van den Bosch/Havik (Bill/Ned) 243
2. Jess / De Wildere (Bell) 265 +1
3. Casey / De Buest (Belgium) 139 +2
4. Heisters / Teutenberg (Bell / Germany) 188 +3
5. Hoppezak / Heijnen (Ned) 196 +6
6. Hayter / Wright (UK) 153 +6
7. Cluj/Diller (Germany/Zoe) 86 +7
8. Fan Ship / Dennis (Ned / Bill) 195 +15

  1. It’s 22:37. Van den Bosch and Havick hit twice. Fabio van den Bosch and Joweri Havick left an impression in The Amazing Madison. They took a lap on De Vylder and Ghys, who thus lost their lead to Van den Bossche and Havik. Keisse and De Buyst are also closing in on De Vylder and Ghys. But they stumble in two rounds from the new duo Van den Bosch / Havick. .
  2. 21:31. Leaders win by racetrack difference. The track tour was a great success for beginners Lindsay De Vylder and Robbe Ghys. Thus, it is ten points richer. The young duo of Gianluca Polevlett / Noah Vandenbranden finished second (6 points). Fabio van den Bosch and Joweri Havick (5 points) completed the third.
  3. 21 hours 10. The British celebrate the team’s elimination. Road racers Ethan Hayter and Fred Wright took home the evening’s prize in the team elimination. The British achieved it before van den Bosch and Havick. Keisse and De Buyst finished last in the team elimination and are clearly speculating for a round 2 win at madison that is still on the list tonight. .
  4. 20:42 Strong dens win the points race. The penultimate evening started with the points race. Our compatriot Tour Denz raced to victory in the first series, beating Dutchman Vincent Hobezak. In the first series Dane Matias Malmberg took the flowers. Among the best pairings, the number 3 in the standings, Hesters and Teutenberg, collected 10 points. De Vylder, Keisse, and their co-workers save the gunpowder for later in the evening. .
  5. 19:18 It will be very difficult to finish this six-day event as winners. Jasper de Buest forms a duo with Iljo Keisse.
  6. 6:56 PM Van den Bosch: “Without bad luck we end up on the podium.” Fabio van den Bosch and Joweri Havick start the penultimate evening in second place. The Belgian-Dutch tandem is the only duo still in the same round between leaders Robbie Jess and Lindsay de Veldere. “The points difference with the leaders is 31 points. The other favorites are in two rounds,” says Van den Posse. “If we survive with bad luck, a podium is at hand. Danger lurks behind every corner at ‘t Kuipke. We had it on the first night, when we crashed.” .
  7. 14:05 Kopecky and his teammates also started the six days in Ghent.

    Kopecky and his teammates also started the six days in Ghent

  8. 12 noon 02.
  9. 12 noon 02.
  10. 11:59 a.m. Keisse and De Buyst may have something up their sleeves. We certainly don’t prepare them yet. I expect something from these two. Ruby Gaze.
  11. 11:59 a.m. We certainly shouldn’t be surprised. They will look at us, and we must remain attentive and, above all, remain victorious. Ruby Gaze.
  12. 11:58 a.m., still wide open. Havik and Van den Bosch are the toughest competitors, but Hobieczak and Heinen pleasantly surprised me. Ruby Gaze.
  13. 11:52 AM Robbe Ghys: “A statement was made.”

    Robbe Ghys: “Statement”

  14. 11:51 a.m. For now, there’s not much to do about the De Vylder-Ghys duo at Kuipke in Ghent. The two Belgians are comfortably leading after the fourth day and heading towards eventual victory. Van den Bossche-Havik follows on the same lap, the other two duos already two or more times behind. .
  15. 11h50.
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