July 20, 2024

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SK Velddriel: Modern dressage horses and small bottom end

SK Velddriel: Modern dressage horses and small bottom end

The second day of checking Velddriel’s genealogy book can be very successful. Several mares achieved high scores for various components. RS2 introduced dressage horses again, and Desperado’s daughter Pretty Missy also featured.

Wim Versteeg and Luuk Smetsers were on the track. Wim: “A total of 24 mares performed more today, of which 20 became stars. It was again a good day for inspection, with an amazing number of freshly made dressage horses that moved in a convincing way. Only the lower end was very small.”

Desperado’s daughter stands out

A mare with very good galloping technique was the beautiful Missy. The daughter of the Grand Prix stallion Desperado gets no less than 90 points for this. Her formation scored 80 and movement 85. Wim described her as: “A well-formed mare with long streaks with strikingly beautiful withers and shoulders and a well-muscled topline. The mare has a very good trotting technique, a nice flat, and also shows a lot of body use.” Pretty Missy comes from ZZ Licht mare Sissy (Keur Pref Prest Sport against Metall). Bred and registered with Marten Tijssen sr. from Linden. At the dam line we come across Carla, an International Grand Prix dressage horse, as well as the Grand Prix Eclectic, Boogie Woogie and Bingo dressage horses, as well as several Small Tour horses and Honny.

Strong maternal lines

The score was the same, 80/85, in favour Proud of magic, daughter of Glamourdale. F/G Theo Driessen came from Heelsum to Velddriel with many horses, including this beautiful mare. Wim: “A long-legged mare with a very attractive front. Proud Delight’s dam is the elite sports mare Ironiki (by Wynton). This mare achieved the highest score in her IBOP test of 85.5 in 2017, with nine scores in the trot, cart and balance.

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Princess of Pomona by f/g N. van Hunnik of Zetten is the daughter of Revolution and out of the elite mare Lotus-Pomona (s. De Niro). This mare received an invitation to NMK as a three-year-old during CK. Wim said of Pomona Princess: “A very well developed and attractive mare at 1.76m, with a lovely neck. She stood out for her powerful trot that came out with lots of leg technique. The trot has a lot of balance and the mare changes it very easily. Today we gave her 85 points because Beautiful natural.”

Marinus Strenberg and Martin Copejan bred from the elite mare Jeventa (by Dreamboy) partnered by the filly Forest Dior Pearl or Marble S. It was then sold to Lisa Knievel of Teal. She scored 80 points in both conformation and movement, and came home as a star mare. Wim: “A well-developed mare, which stands out mainly because of her forefoot appeal and well-muscled, well-connected topline. This mare showed an elegant gallop and had plenty of range and balance at the trot.”

Restart RS2 Dressage

Parblue RS2 also twice scored 80, another beautiful mare from the Grozbeek dressage stable. Her father is a Jameson RS2 and she is a J’Ampère RS2 (s. Ampère). Wim explains: “This mare has a good rectangular pattern. She has a well-muscled neck. At the trot and trot, she moves with plenty of space and leg technique with good body use. Walking was a highlight, I did it for 85 points.”

Erica van Unen was born Philine de FloraDreamboy’s daughter. It comes from Beauté GEP (s. Negro). She also scored 80 for formation and action, with 85 for boat, which was broad, hard and well-balanced. The Winnetou GEP dressage horse from Grand Prix comes from this line. Lauren van den Brink from Teal is registered. Wim: “This mare has long enough lines and an attractive forehand. She was particularly convincing with her malice, which is energetic, has a good range and in which she changes remarkably easily.”

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Four-year-old Olivia also took home an 80 for her formation and movement. “An attractive mare with good rectangular form. She has a well-formed neck and attractive withers and withers. She moved in a light manner and showed a strong starter with lots of balance,” concludes Wim. Olivia is the daughter of Kingston Blue Horses and descended from Celine (Stir Burst Brook v. Earntosh). Silene is also the dam of Zigeuner DVB with whom Marlies van Baalen has caused a stir at the highest level. Famous Grand Prix dressage horses also come from the same dam line: Finesse, Grafitti and Habibi. The Van de Werken family from Zuilichem is a registered breeder and breeder.

source: KWPN