September 27, 2023

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Skoda Enyaq review: users about electric leasing dear

Skoda Enyaq review: users about electric leasing dear

Whether the Skoda Enyaq is primarily an SUV or MPV, we’d leave it in the middle, but the model apparently offers something for everyone. This also applies to the powertrains, with a choice of two battery packs (62 kWh and 82 kWh) and three different engine variants. Not enough choice yet? Since 2022, there is also a Skoda Enyaq Coupé iV. Same car, indeed, but now with a sloping roofline.

How wide is the Skoda Enyaq?

Skoda has a solid reputation when it comes to space. Judging by user reviews, the brand Enyaq was no exception. “On a vacation to Italy (1,700+ km), the quality of this family carrier became apparent. The trunk swallows all things with ease, and the kids are roomy and can charge their cellphones from the USB-C ports and set their own temperature,” writes a satisfied driver. Another driver asserts, “My black enqari is excellent when it comes to space.” “Both in front and in the back, everyone is comfortable and it’s not crowded anywhere. I have a panoramic roof, but the headroom is good. The luggage compartment is also very large, and if I wanted to, I could fit all the loose stuff into compartments. There is plenty of space.”

Skoda Neat IV

The amount of luggage space in an Enyaq used as a family car is evident: “The trunk is very roomy! The stroller, exposed and well, can slide integrally and the lid just closes. With the Volvo V60 I ​​had to completely disassemble this thing. Shopping box: You can store six of them.” , three of them wide, two deep.I’m impressed.

Sectional seating furniture

Regular readers of this column will note that the car seat is not to everyone’s liking. It’s no different with the Skoda Enyaq, as this iV 60 driver says: “The seats are a little lower, the padding isn’t as good, the support is a little worse. You can’t recline the seats, so I’m just not comfortable.” The driver of the Enyaq iV 80 Business Edition also notes that they are uncomfortable. “They’re not comfortable on long trips. I have a fairly skinny body and yet the seats are quite cramped, especially compared to the Kodiaq. So it’s not recommended with my distance.”

Skoda stylish IV Sportline

Enyaq Sportline drivers get different upholstery with more custom seats. This has consequences for the reviews, which turn out to be much more positive. “The Sportline seats are really a relief for both my 2m height, but also for my wife, who is 1.70m tall. We could sit really well and long legs also enjoyed great support,” writes an Enyaq Sportline rider. Shorter driver is also good. “The Sportline seats fit like a glove and are perfect for my ‘impressive’ figure of 1.75m,” he writes. Another tip from his side: “I advise everyone to take power seats. These slide backwards when you unlock the car, making getting in and out a little easier.”

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Stylish Skoda IV Coupe

Controls and infotainment

The Skoda Enyaq uses the new Volkswagen Group infotainment system. On other models, including the Volkswagen Golf VIII and Seat Leon, this has been met with much criticism. We don’t know if Skoda drivers were more forgiving or if the Czechs arranged the system a little better, but Enyaq drivers have a slight problem with the concept of digital operation.

“The info screen in the middle of the car is a nice size. It sits neatly in the middle and is easy to operate,” writes a somewhat satisfied owner. He says the following about the digital instruments: “The information screen on the steering wheel is small, but it provides the required information. It is a pity that you cannot set it up to your liking.

Navigation software gets it several times. According to the owners, it is not focused enough on electric driving. “The navigation system really needs an update. On long trips, where a charging stop is necessary, you can’t rely on standard navigation. It doesn’t take into account the fast charging function and it doesn’t indicate in real time whether charging stations are available / free. So we use External application. This works, but it shouldn’t be necessary.”

Skoda App seems to be another point of improvement. Many drivers have reported connectivity issues and users are already experiencing limited functionality. A less satisfied user wrote: “The Skoda Connect app is of little value (if it works at all …)”. “In practice, only interesting for the remaining range, but for example there is no indication of where the car is, no mileage, or the possibility of closing the doors/windows.”

Skoda stylish

The handling of the Skoda is elegant

This rider has two extremes in the trail and writes of the Enyaq: “In terms of driving: nice, but fatiguing. Plenty of weight, so not a stooping rider like the Smart Roadster, but smooth enough.” An important plus: “The rear-wheel drive system ensures a large amount of wheel deflection at the front, which makes turning the street very easy.” Another driver adds, “The car is a bit choppy on short bumps.” The car also weighs 2 tons, and on 20-inch wheels it will be a little stiffer than on standard 19-inch wheels.

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Bigger wheels just don’t make the car more comfortable this Enyaq iV 60 driver was known for. “In response to a question: These are the standard 19-inch tires. Intentionally not chosen more in terms of comfort and rolling noise. At a cruising speed of 100-110km/h, the quietness and suspension comfort inside is really great.” Less satisfied is this Enyaq driver, who opted for the variant with its 80kWh battery. “The Enyaq is rear-wheel drive. With a wind force of 4-5 and higher and a speed of 130 km / h or more, the car is practically uncontrollable. It will be a kind of kite with very unpredictable and undefined steering behavior.

The former Volvo driver particularly likes to experiment with electrics. “The whole driving experience was much more relaxed than in the Volvo V60, which was already quite comfortable. Because the Enyaq doesn’t have a conventional gearbox or automatic transmission, acceleration and deceleration are just as smooth. Quiet if you want it, but also very intense.” If you give it full throttle.”

Skoda Classy Coupe IV

How far does Enyaq go?

For the record with the EV, a good group should come out today. Skoda uses WLTP values ​​of 397 km for the iV 60 to 552 km for the Enyaq Coupé iV 80. The net capacities of both batteries are 58 and 77 kWh respectively. Quick calculators see that in the first case a maximum consumption of 15 kWh / 100 km is possible. In practice, many owners see a value of around 17 kWh / 100 km, although it depends on the conditions.

“Consumption is somewhat volatile, as is the case with electric vehicles. In the summer, when the temperature is above 20 degrees, I get about 16 kW / 100 km. But now, in the winter when it is 0 degrees and there are tires Winter under it I’m always above 21 kWh / 100 km. Saves about 100 km on a full charge,” writes an Enyaq iV 80 driver. Another driver with a similar car had the following experience: “The range is very disappointing. With cold weather, it stops Already at 360 km. I usually drive miles on the highways. The iV 60 driver drove it to around 300 km in November, about 100 km less than the Skoda itself. “With an outside temperature of 8 to 12.5 degrees, 95 percent on the highway at 108 km/h on cruise control. The road there on your own and back fully loaded with three adults and luggage. Total consumption of 17.1 kWh. Really very satisfied with that. Started off by 100 per cent (estimated range 339 km) and finished at 13 per cent (estimated range remaining 59 km).

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Skoda Neat IV

disturbances and irritability;

In this section, you regularly read about starting problems, which drivers of new electric cars seem to encounter excessively. It seems that this is not so bad with the Skoda Enyaq, although some drivers reported minor electronic malfunctions. “In my case, these don’t really cause problems, but the sounds and icons that sometimes activate don’t make a strong impression. They usually disappear after a few minutes, or after the car has been parked for an hour, ”writes the iV 80 driver. A fellow driver was also identified. of the iV 80 on the Enyaq’s self-healing properties: “One time the car completely refused to start. It’s all black, nothing wanted more. Fifteen minutes later it miraculously recovered.” One of the contestants was stranded with a defective battery pack unit, which of course was replaced under warranty.

Skoda Neat IV

So the drivers of the Skoda Enyaq seem to be free from structural problems, and the drivers are generally satisfied with the product on offer. Well, the navigation system and app could be improved, but we didn’t hear any complaints about the operation. Onboard space is plentiful, but if you’re in the market for an Enyaq it would be a good idea to examine the seating furniture more closely. Judging by the reviews, the Sportline’s seats are much better than the standard seats.