September 21, 2023

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Strikes at Italian airports: thousands of passengers stranded |  outside

Strikes at Italian airports: thousands of passengers stranded | outside

Due to the strike of the ground crew at Italian airports, today about a thousand incoming and outgoing flights have been cancelled. Unions have called for action as wage negotiations continue. Unions are demanding the signing of a new collective labor agreement. The strike, which is expected to last from 10 am to 6 pm, affects about 250,000 domestic and international tourists.

National carrier Eta Airways said it had canceled 133 flights, most of them domestic, but also a few to European destinations such as Madrid, Amsterdam and Barcelona. This inconvenience is particularly great at Air Malta, a Ryanair operator that cannot be confused with Air Malta, Eta Airways, and the former Alitalia and Vueling. The pilots of these companies are also involved in the work.

Several flights to and from Brussels airport were also affected. These are destinations such as Florence, Venice, Naples, Milan, Catania and Rome, according to the Brussels Airport website. This mainly concerns Brussels Airlines flights, but also ETA flights. Airports invite passengers to check in advance whether or not their flight will go ahead.

About 200 flights have been canceled at Rome’s Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport, including to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. Nearly 150 flights were canceled at Milan’s airports, Linate and Malpensa. There are about thirty flights to Turin Castle and Palermo.

Italian Transport Minister Matteo Salvini called on the “common sense” of the strikers not to extend their strike so as not to “harm millions of other workers and tourists”.

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Summer in Italy is often the peak season for transport strikes. Not only aviation, but the entire transport sector in Italy is affected by the industrial action. Strikes at state-run rail company Trenitalia and trading company Italo on Thursday led to cancellations and delays of several lines.

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