September 21, 2023

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Smartphone sales are trending at all-time lows, with the exception of Apple

Smartphone sales are trending at all-time lows, with the exception of Apple

According to IDC, the number of smartphones sold this year will reach its lowest level in a decade. However, it doesn’t look like this decline will be bad for Apple.

Just like the computer hardware and related components industry, the smartphone market is not experiencing a peak period. Due to economic uncertainty and inflation, consumers and businesses are thinking twice before investing in new devices, and this is reflected in the numbers. IDC It is estimated that 1.15 billion new smartphones will be shipped by the end of 2023.

That’s 4.7 percent lower than it was in 2022, which was also not a great year for smartphone vendors. Even IDC revised its previous forecast that the number of deliveries would drop by just 3.2%. The number of smartphones shipped may reach its lowest level in a decade. Although the number of deliveries and the number of sales do not necessarily have a one-to-one relationship, one often gives an indication of the other.

Pay more

There are also mitigating factors for manufacturers. Specifically, since a smartphone is considered a luxury purchase, users want to use their devices for a longer period. As a result, they are also willing to pay a higher price for better quality devices. This could still partially offset the decline in the number of devices sold in terms of revenue.

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Apple benefits

In every crisis there is one winner and in the smartphone industry it is Apple. Devices with the Apple logo are selling well this year, and Apple may be one of the only major manufacturers to end the year with positive numbers. After all, the iPhone 15 is knocking on the door, and the new iPhone often causes a year-end rush for Apple. Apple could become the largest smartphone seller on an annual basis for the first time in its history, overtaking Samsung.

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For the time being, IDC’s eyes do not extend beyond the end of this year. The analysis agency has good news for the PC industry, because 2024 should bring an improvement. Smartphone vendors will also want to keep an eye on this.