September 30, 2022

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Sony's Next Studio Purchase 'Bigger than Kojima Productions' According to Journalist

Sony’s Next Studio Purchase ‘Bigger than Kojima Productions’ According to Journalist

In recent years, Sony has bought many developers and thus greatly expanded the number of first-party studios that fall under PlayStation Studios. Earlier this month, Jim Ryan – president of Sony Interactive Entertainment – said that there More acquisitions Reaches.

This week, a rumor suddenly surfaced that Sony might buy Kojima Productions – studio Hideo Kojima. However, this soon became speculation exposedafter Kojima himself declared that his studio is independent and will remain so.

The question then, of course, is which companies Sony has targeted. Although nothing is known about this yet, expectations are now high for well-known journalist and in-house official Jeff Grob. On the latest episode of the Grubbsnax podcast, he said there was never any talk of Kojima Productions taking control. According to Grubb’s information, the purchase of the next Sony studio will be greater than that of Kojima Productions.

“If you’ve heard rumors about a big Sony acquisition, it’s never been Kojima Productions, at least not as far as I know. Like people who’ve been hearing this stuff, myself included, that wasn’t a name that came up. It’s bigger than Kojima’s. Productions”.

Grubb doesn’t give any further hints about which developer he’s referring to and it remains to be seen if everything is correct. With that, Grubb has proven to be a very reliable source for gaming industry news recently. Anyway, it makes us very curious about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Studios acquisitions.