May 26, 2024

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Soon no more "chicken nuggets"?  Federal government working on guidelines for names of plant-based meat alternatives |  consumer

Soon no more “chicken nuggets”? Federal government working on guidelines for names of plant-based meat alternatives | consumer

The federal public service economy is working on rules that would prohibit producers of meat substitutes from using names such as “chicken fingers,” “hamburgers,” or “spots.” To write the newspaper “De Tijd”. A spokeswoman for FPS Economy Lien Meurisse only assures our editors that guidelines are being worked out “on what you can write with plant-based meat alternatives.”

According to the business newspaper, FPS Economy wants to release final rules within a few months. They prohibit reference to animals or parts of animals on meat substitute packaging. Think cutlet or sirloin.

When it comes to words like “burger” or “sausage,” there should always be a clear indication on the packaging that they relate to plant products and not animal meat.

The guidelines that “De Tijd” wrote about are not final yet. FPS confirms this to our editors. According to a spokeswoman for Morris, the process is in its final stage, but “it’s too early to tell anything about it.” The content has not been approved yet. So we cannot yet determine what it contains, and whether or not sanctions will be inflicted on it.”

The CEO of De Vegetarische Slager, a popular brand of plant-based meat alternatives, is unhappy with the plans. “If our products are misleading, so are some meat products. There is no mark in blind checking whatsoever!” he says in “De Tijd.”

The FPS economy does not receive complaints about deception with plant-based products. However, Meurisse cannot say how many there will be. Currently, these reports are “viewed file by file to determine if there really was a scam issue”.

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At the end of 2020, a bill stalled in the European Parliament She wanted to ban names like “steak,” “burger,” or “sausage” for vegetarian meat alternatives. A large majority opposed the proposal.