December 7, 2022

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SpaceX spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on Twitter ads

SpaceX spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on Twitter ads

Ironically, Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX has ordered one of the largest ad packages on Twitter just as the entrepreneur recently acquired the popular social media platform for at least $44 billion, and is currently struggling with funding.

In the news: The campaign will promote Starlink satellite internet service operated by SpaceX on Twitter in Spain and Australia. This information comes from the internal data of the social media platform, which is CNBC seen.

  • The advertising campaign that SpaceX buys to promote Starlink is called the “acquisition” on Twitter. When a company buys such a package, they typically spend over $250,000 to put their branding on the main Twitter timeline for an entire day.
  • The intent is for users to see Starlink ads the first three times they open the Twitter app.
  • Everything advertising is the first, because according to CNBC You don’t usually buy SpaceX’s big ad bundles from Twitter. News outlets base their information on statements of current and former employees.


additional: starlink It is a network of satellites under construction by the American space company SpaceX to provide Internet access. Starlink uses a satellite network that broadcasts the Internet. Subscribers pay access to the network via terminals.

  • SpaceX developed Starlink with the goal of providing high-speed internet to people in locations that are hardly served by cable or fiber-optic infrastructure.
  • By placing thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit, the company hopes to be able to provide broadband internet around the world, at a price comparable to existing (wired) internet connections.
  • In Ukraine, Starlink provided an internet connection, which was available to the military and some civilians when the Russian invasion destroyed the communications infrastructure there.
  • While SpaceX covered some of the costs for this service in Ukraine, musk Later on, he talked about the impact of the donation on his company’s profit margins.
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