July 23, 2024

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Speed ​​reduction of charging rates to 0.74 euros per kWh – IT Pro – News

I will prove it further:

1 – Fixed prices do not encourage efficient use of our production and transportation capacity. Everyone goes home and does what they think is necessary (turn on the washing machine, turn on the EV, etc.). Dynamic pricing forces you to think a little better about this and adjust your trades in such a way that you transfer high consumption to the quiet hours. This benefits efficient use of production and transportation.

2- Fixed rate providers do not benefit from the discount, because it costs them money immediately. The spot pricing providers don’t earn a lot of transferred kilowatt-hours (they earn from the monthly fee) and therefore don’t care about more consumption and therefore will have more incentive to drive their product (think of your moments of use).

3 – It cannot be believed that two prices are sufficient for differentiation. The morning and evening rush hours can’t be as expensive from a price point of view as the quiet period in between. Fixed prices don’t take that into account enough, hourly rates do.

4- Fixed prices make you unconscious enough to consume in your home. Since I’m paying dynamic rates, I’m turning off the TV faster, for example, as I’ve been quietly leaving it in background mode. I let my Tesla charge automatically in smaller steps instead of turning it on and maybe whine all at once via delayed charging.

5 – Dynamic pricing can be a revenue model, the battery is charged cheaply at night and partially discharged during the two peak periods. You can use the proceeds to reduce your investment in the battery, making it more profitable to buy such a thing and take advantage of your PV production and consume it yourself rather than selling it back to the grid for little.

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So I can continue. The old (sales) energy model is outdated. These energy crises painfully illustrate this. If only because of the fact that solar energy is suddenly quadrupling, just because oil and gas are getting more and more expensive. It makes no sense at all…