May 30, 2024

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Statement: Cheaters must be banned for life

Statement: Cheaters must be banned for life

cheating is hot employment Happen or occurYou see them more and more and they seem to be increasing little by little. Almost every multiplayer game suffers from it, from battlefield to me Call of duty… full of cheaters. Some developers can better protect themselves from other cheats, but the fact remains that “normal” players are needless victims of cheaters.

There is not much you can do against cheaters. Yes, in many cases you can report it and in other cases anti-cheat is prevalent in the game. But… the makers of cheats and hackers are getting smarter; A relentless game of cat and mouse.

For small amounts, it is actually possible to buy a cheat or hack, or get a subscription. Yes, you read that right..a silly Subscription! With this subscription you get, for example, a month, three months, six months or a whole year of support for cheating. Just like getting any other subscription to a Service and getting updates and support for it. Wherever people find money there is money to be made.. and that is clear again.

Many developers know different types of blocking options, such as: permanent ban, Device blockingTemporary ban, etc. But what do you think? Should cheaters or hackers be permanently removed from the game or is a temporary ban sufficient? And what kind of ban should it be? Based on your device or operator ID? Let us know in the comments, we’re curious!