May 29, 2023

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Studio Brussel's The timeless will be shown on TV with Michèle Cuvelier

Studio Brussel’s The timeless will be shown on TV with Michèle Cuvelier

It is not surprising that Cuvier became the presenter of “De timeloze” on canvas, she has been a fan of the program for years: “I myself became Brusseler’s studio somewhere between the ages of 14 and 15, and in a short time I grew up with “The Immortal”. Like many listeners Today, I’ve been following developments closely and can feel real sadness when one of my favorites took the plunge or, worse yet, fell off the list.”

The program will look like a talk show that starts the countdown to “100 Immortals”. So there will certainly be a lot of music, but also guests with whom Cuvier will search for the stories behind the list and the songs: “Why do songs stay at the top for a certain time? That’s what Van Loews’ girl is looking for, among other things. That must have something to do with the zeitgeist.” , is not it? ”

Cuvelier not only collects stories about the songs on the list. Also trying to figure out what a song should be called “immortal”: “Lennert Coorevits of Compact Disk Dummies are looking for a common theme that runs through all those songs. Most of them are very tall, they have guitar solos and they are very sad. Ninety percent are written in minor chords. When voting, from It is clear that listeners prefer sad music.”

Cuvier can’t yet say if Pearl Jam’s “Black” will take first place again: “But Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The chain’ (Last year in second place, editor) approaches resolutely. StuBru listeners may feel like a woman’s voice. Changing times? ”

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“The Timeless”, canvas, 9 pm. “The timeless 100”, Friday 31/12 between 10am and 8pm at Studio Brussel.