December 1, 2023

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Support for Verstappen’s whistle: “That’s unacceptable!”

Support for Verstappen’s whistle: “That’s unacceptable!”

Max Verstappen won the American Grand Prix last weekend. However, he was booed by many fans during and before the stage ceremony. The same is likely to happen in Mexico this coming weekend. Timo Klok is outraged and finds this behavior unacceptable.

Verstappen drove a strong race in Austin last weekend in which he managed to win despite braking problems. During post-race interviews and during the podium ceremony, whistles and boos could be heard from the stands. Some of these were aimed at the Texan governor, but some were aimed at Verstappen. He is expected to be even more talked about this coming weekend in Mexico.

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Klock fully backs Verstappen. The German was furious, and he spoke more harshly in his article for Sky Sports: “I don’t understand why Verstappen was whistled in Austin. Maybe it has something to do with the situation between Sergio Perez and Red Bull, but Max has nothing. I can’t understand it. It’s a shame for the sport. , because Verstappen is an extraordinary athlete who has achieved an incredible performance. This is unacceptable in my view. It should not happen.”

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