July 12, 2024

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Survival Ascending gets a surprise launch on Steam

Survival Ascending gets a surprise launch on Steam

Studio Wildcard has announced that Ark: Survival Ascending is now available in Early Access via steam. The developer has dropped a new trailer online highlighting the next-gen graphics. The title will also come to Xbox Series in November and PS5 in November.

As already known, Ark: Survival Ascinated is the next generation version of Ark: Survival Evolved. So there is no sequel, but a remaster. However, the game looks a lot better thanks to Unreal Engine 5. The title also provides access to all expansions, including Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis Part 1 & 2. Of course, not all expansions will be available at launch.

Graphically, Ark: Survival Ascend offers a lot of improvements, such as dynamic water and interactive green leaves with… PhysicsCompletely new user interface, dynamic navigation for Path discoveryAnd photo mode, new camera systems, new map system, tracking system, new structures, items, and even new creatures.

The game supports up to 70 simultaneous players, private sessions for up to 8 players, and local split-screen for 2 to 4 players. Cross-platform play is also great, although the Steam version won’t get this feature until December. Cross platform is available immediately at launch for the console versions as well as the regular PC version.

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