December 6, 2023

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Google lets you verify photos through ‘About this photo’

Google lets you verify photos through ‘About this photo’

Google is finally rolling out a new feature that lets you easily see where an image came from.

Earlier this year, in May, Google announced a series of tools called “About this picture‘. These tools can help you collect information about images to verify the authenticity of the images. Instant fact checking helps you interpret images correctly in several ways. You can access the functionality by tapping on the three dots in Google Photos and then tapping “About this photo.” The only condition is that Google uses English: the new functions do not yet work in other languages.

About this picture

For example, with About This Photo, you’ll be able to track the full online history of the photo. By uploading the image to Google, you will gain insight into all the web pages where the image has been previously published. This makes it easier for Google to check if an image has been taken out of context. It often happens that old photos are shared to present certain events differently than they are now. This tool should put an end to that.

In addition, the About This Image tool also gives you information about how the image is described on other pages. If you’re not sure what’s in the image, this tool can help you decode it. The new feature means you no longer need to trust the captions, but can do your own research and find out what different sources are saying about the image.

Finally, Google will also provide insight into the images’ metadata – if it’s included in the file. This also includes metadata that indicates whether or not it is an AI image. Google has already indicated that all images created using its tools will receive this metadata tag.

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Fact Check Explorer and AI

the Fact check explorer From Google is a tool that allows quick image recognition. Google seems to have designed this function primarily for journalists and fact-checkers, but it’s useful for you too. You can upload a photo to the tool to see if it has been used in fact checking. This way you can quickly see information about the image. All you have to do is copy the image URL into the search bar, and Google will do the rest.

Another way Google tries to make sure you get the right information is through artificial intelligence. It’s not about the images themselves, it’s about the source of that image. Google itself gives an example of a pair of shoes: you want to buy it but don’t know the seller. Google’s AI tool will help you determine if a website is trustworthy and will instantly show you what other sites are saying about the shoe seller.