March 4, 2024

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Gerardo Martino coachte FC Barcelona in het seizoen 2013-2014.

“Tata” Martino, Argentina’s friend and enemy: Will he give Messi and his comrades the last chance? | FIFA World Cup 2022

Gerardo “Tata” Martino has been at the center of the Mexican storm several times in recent months. Missed training sessions, poor results, his absence from Mexico… The local media is taking the Argentine coach under heavy fire. With one common thread: He spends a lot of time in and with his home country.

June 26, 2016. In the final of the Centenary Copa America, Argentina will face Chile. At the helm of the Argentines: Gerardo Martino.

Francisco Silva scored the fifth and decisive penalty kick in the shootout to leave Argentina hanging for the second year in a row. Chile also sold La Albiceleste a penalty kick in 2015 after the penalty shootout in the Copa America final.

Martino has to pay the price after there have been criticisms of his team’s level of play for some time. With pain in his heart, the Argentine coach is forced to leave his country.

Mexican exam

At the beginning of 2019, Martino will get a new opportunity as the national coach in Mexico. His team got off to a good start and only lost once in his first two years.

Martino played a friendly match with Mexico 4-0, specifically against Argentina.

With the loss of two finals, the Gold Cup and the Nations League, Tata is losing more and more credibility in 2021. His re-examination as a national coach is also at risk of failure.

And then the biggest controversy is yet to come.

Controversial relationship with Argentina

Mexico will play Argentina in the World Cup group stage draw earlier this year. One Man Extra Special Encounter: Gerardo Martino.

Since then, the Mexican media has put his every deed under a magnifying glass. Note that Martino spends a lot of time in Argentina.

Chances are slim that he’s just a very intense scouting report from his World Cup opponent.

For example, Martino’s photos appeared in a conversation with his Argentine rival Lionel Scaloni. The two national coaches were spotted together at a soccer match in Argentina. While Mexicans believe Martino should be in their country to scout players for Liga MX, football’s highest tier.

The criticism is that he does not follow Mexican football enough and thus ignores lesser-known young talents.

So the statistic that El Tri has the second oldest selection in the World Cup doesn’t help. In addition, the untimely selection of Raul Jimenez also raises eyebrows in Mexico.

However, Martino himself indicates that he would prefer to continue living in Argentina for “medical reasons”. In Mexico, they see it as “a waste of time in his home country and little interest in Mexican football”.

The death blow to his old love?

Exactly a month earlier, another storm had followed around Martineau. The national coach was suddenly absent from a training session for his team.

Where could it be then? Thousands of miles away, in a friendly match between Argentina and Honduras. According to Martino, “because it was an open Mexican training and the fans aren’t interested in it anyway”.

As if fate was involved, Martino could prove his critics wrong on Saturday night. With his victory he plays his old love for Argentina in this World Cup.

It would be a huge blow to Lionel Messi’s team, with whom Martino previously worked with Argentina and also FC Barcelona in the 2013-2014 season. Moreover, both of them were born in Rosario.

Asked about the confrontation with Argentina, Martino had answered the day before, “He works with Mexico and wants the best for his team.”

Do you need it from your friends and/or countrymen? We’ll know after the match.

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