February 21, 2024

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Telenet cuts the cable completely: it's done with analog phones

Telenet cuts the cable completely: it’s done with analog phones

After nearly 70 years, an era is coming to an end

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After nearly 70 years, the era of analog television is completely over. On Tuesday, Telenet will turn off the analog signal in the latter’s municipalities, VRT reports. Nothing will change for customers of Proximus, which no longer already offers analog TV.

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Two years ago, Telenet began its analog shutdown scheme, in which nearly 360,000 devices were given a digital key. Today that process has been completed – with some delay due to Corona. Also in the last six network municipalities/districts (Pierce, Gill, Stabrook, St. Juris Wing, Burke and Middlekirk) analog viewers will now see “snow” on their screens. If they are still there, it is because most customers have already made the digital switch. ‘During lockdown we have operation I’m waiting To ensure that everyone can certainly continue to receive the necessary information via their television screen,” says Telenet spokeswoman, Isabel Gerets.

“Analog” customers were given two options: either reset the TV or “rescan”. For example, they received a digital “compressed signal” with the same channels and at the same price. However, this was not possible with older devices, for which customers had to buy a new TV or decoder with more options (and a more expensive subscription).

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