May 21, 2024

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Thandwe Newton refused a role in the superhero movie: "Did you die? Meh, no"|  showbiz

Thandwe Newton refused a role in the superhero movie: “Did you die? Meh, no”| showbiz

FamousBeing in a superhero movie is on almost every actor’s wish list these days. But Thandwe Newton (48) recently turned down a role because the character didn’t appeal to her. That’s what it says in LADBible.

“She offered me a role to play the mother of someone who had just died,” actress Tandywe Newton told LADBible. It was more about the role, you know? However, the actress – like many of her colleagues – would like to star in a superhero movie. “I love what’s happening now, these directors play with these genres. The perfect example is Taika Waititi, what he does with Thor: Ragnarok. I love that the actors in this movie really wanted to push the boundaries.

Barack Obama as a superhero

“As a species, those big franchises have filled me up, and I’m kind of cynical about them because it’s just about the money. But now I feel like there’s a demand from the public and the people working on those movies to make more content for those superhero movies.” It also means a different kind of superhero – less superficial, with less substance. “We don’t need fake superheroes,” she says. “I remember when Obama became president, they organized a Met Ball on the topic of superheroes. Someone said to me, ‘Who’s your favorite superhero?'” ‘ And I replied, ‘Barack Obama.’ Why should superheroes be from fiction? They really don’t have to.

Disappointed in “Solo”

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Thandwee Newton recently told that she was disappointed with the makers of the Star Wars movie “Solo.” According to the British, during the filming of the epic about the early years of Han Solo, they decided to change the fate of her character. In an interview with Inverse, she discussed the plot development that takes place in the middle of the film; The death of her character, Val. That’s while Tobias Beckett’s wife (Woody Harrelson) lived through the script she received before starting the job. According to Thandiwe, Val’s death was a way to cut production costs, but it left her feeling bad. “I remember thinking, ‘This is a big, big mistake – not for me, not because I wanted to come back so often. But you’re not going to kill the first black woman to play a real role in a Star Wars movie. Is that a bad joke or something?”

Val’s fate wasn’t the only change during the solo production process. The film’s original directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, were fired, and Ron Howard took over. Fans did not like the end result: “Solo” is the worst Star Wars movie in the series.

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