December 6, 2023

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Why Britain’s Expedition Robinson turned into an “absolute disaster” for the BBC |  television

Why Britain’s Expedition Robinson turned into an “absolute disaster” for the BBC | television

televisionThe new reality series “Survivor,” the British equivalent of “Expedition Robinson,” appears to have become a serious misfire for the BBC. Despite a massive investment of €35 million, the show still fell far short of the expected viewing figures. Channel employees told the British press: “Crisis discussions are taking place between directors.”

BBC management is puzzled. By focusing entirely on ‘Survivor’ they were hoping to find new viewership after the hugely popular ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. The program began last Saturday, but was unable to attract more than 2.6 million viewers. This would be an excellent number for a Flemish programme. But given that there are 72 million Britons, and that the most popular programs sometimes reach 20 million viewers, the BBC’s disappointment is understandable.

“It’s crazy,” one of the channel’s employees told the Daily Mail. “The BBC had an excellent schedule on Saturday and Sunday evenings, and they managed to continue until Christmas without any problems. But panicked bosses changed it completely, in exchange for a show so expensive that they could not afford to fail.


According to the employee, a real “crisis” has broken out due to the poor results and “discussions are now taking place” between managers. “This is terrible news for the BBC, and an absolute disaster. The program has cost a fortune, and they are simply failing to attract audiences. Discussions are now underway about what can be done to change course quickly.

To make room for the second episode of Survivor, David Attenborough’s Planet Earth III was moved. But it remains to be seen whether this intervention will have a positive impact on the viewing figures for the remaining 14 episodes. In the series, 18 participants compete to survive on a deserted island in order to win and win a cash prize of 115 thousand euros. The show was originally launched in America and has grown into a world-famous franchise. But the British are clearly not looking forward to that.

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