October 4, 2023

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The Alone in the Dark reboot has been delayed until next year

The Alone in the Dark reboot has been delayed until next year

Publisher THQ Nordic has announced that the release of its upcoming horror game Alone in the Dark will be postponed to 2024. The game was originally scheduled to be released on October 25, but will now only be released on January 16.

The reason for the postponement is the very busy October release calendar. For example, publisher THQ Nordic would rather not compete with “the epic release of Alan Wake 2 and would also prefer to avoid a vibrant skyline with a swinging Spider-Man.” After all, the purpose of the studio is “ Alone in the dark To stay’.

The new release date offers a two-pronged solution. Developer Pieces Interactve now has the opportunity to improve the Alone in the Dark experience down to the last detail. But it also gives fans and studio staff the opportunity to work on October releases without any worries.

As you know, the new Alone in the Dark is an ode to the original game, experiencing the compelling story through the eyes of two new characters. This way you can control Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood in a game that combines psychological horror and Southern Gothic.

The duo is hanging out together when Emily’s uncle disappears without a trace. The disappearance takes them to Dersito Manor, an institution for the mentally ill, where they encounter countless terrifying scenes.

So it is only available on shelves from January 16th.