April 16, 2024

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Best Apps of the Week 32-2021 in App Missed

The best apps of the week 32-2021 are missing from the app

In the weekly “Missing Apps” section, you can read about apps from the past week that are worth checking out. We always discuss five apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These may be apps that you may not know, useful or fun to try. These can also be seniors who have received a major update and therefore receive some extra attention.

Discussed earlier this week on iCulture:

iCulture App of the Week: SlidePilot

Need to give a presentation, but is the slideshow material provided as a PDF? This is very clumsy, because the performance gets more chaotic afterwards. To solve this problem, you can download SlidePilot. This free app gives you the same presentation capabilities as PowerPoint and Keynote, but for PDF files.

You can choose which layout you want to use for your presentation if the slides are on a second screen. So you can easily view the notes or see the next slide. While presenting, you can draw on the slides and viewers can follow the mouse pointer. There is also an iOS app for remote control of your presentation.

SlidePilot for Mac It can be downloaded for free from the developer’s website. The iOS app costs money, but it’s not required.


Do you have an M1 Mac and want to keep track of stats? With the sensors, you can keep track of the statistics of your M1 processor. So you can see temperature, voltage and more in clear graphs. Regular users don’t really need the app, but if you’re more technical and use your Mac for more demanding tasks, it’s worth it. The size of the application is only 3 megabytes and it costs nothing.

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can you Download sensors for free on github.


Photography enthusiasts: Glass is an emerging social medium for photographers. In the app, you can follow people and see what photos they share in a timeline. Depending on the images, you can also see metadata, such as lens settings and ISO value. You can comment under each photo. Since there are many photographers, it is easy to submit technical questions or comments. This way you help each other to get the best out of the camera.

The difference with many other social media is that Glass can only be used with a paid subscription. In return, no data is collected and the application does not use the so-called Algorithm sharing. You won’t see any ads here either. Access is currently limited and you will have to wait in a queue to enter.


With MEH you put your head on someone else’s head. You can get really crazy results with that! The app allows you to choose from existing photos from your photo library, as well as take new ones. It doesn’t work right away (yet), so the effect should always be applied afterwards. This deepfake technique is becoming more advanced and this is reflected in the MEH result.


Dashlane users will remember. Earlier this year, this password manager app disappeared from your Mac. If that’s a shame, we’ve got good news: Dashlane for Mac is back in a new look! The app is different than before and now works as an iPad app on your Mac, as it were. It’s not pretty, but the fact that there’s an app again is a good thing. Dashlane is free with up to 50 passwords. If you want more, subscription is required.

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