April 22, 2024

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Control exceeds 10 million players, the new Remedy game is in full production

Control exceeds 10 million players, the new Remedy game is in full production

No control After passing 10 million players, Remedy Entertainment has started full production on a new game project with Epic Games.

It was revealed in New letter to investors, along with the news that Control’s revenue was slightly higher in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the second quarter of 2020. Remedy affirms the company’s commitment to controlling marketing, D Control Ultimate Edition It launched on Google Stadia, and that Control was on the Epic Game Store Mega Sale 2021, as reasons for the game’s continued success.

The letter states, “New platforms, services and specials teach us a lot for the future, generate additional revenue, and help us reach new audiences and grow the Control brand.” “Control has already reached a large audience, more than ten million players have played the game. Increasing player numbers and brand awareness are important to us as we continue to support Control.”

The letter also reveals that the high-budget game project, developed in partnership with Epic Games, is now in full production and that the co-op PvE game in the Control universe, known as Condor, comes thanks to an agreement with 505 Games. If that wasn’t enough, Remedy also said it had “agreed to a partnership to get a future Control game with a bigger budget,” along with 505 games.

Remedy is also continuing to develop the story mode for Crossfire HD and Crossfire X, while also continuing to work on a “second, smaller game” with Epic Games. And don’t forget Vanguard, the free co-op studio game. Remedy says it’s “making good progress with both indoor and outdoor play testing.”

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We also learned last month that Remedy is working on another title, bringing the number to six.

The letter states that to develop these six titles, 293 employees are now hired.

“I am pleased with our progress in 2021. Our financial position is stronger than before. Control continues to reach new players, expand on new games and demonstrate our ability to create category-defining games and brands. Our multi-project model continues to evolve and we are reaching a point where we can launch New games more often and more regularly.”