November 29, 2023

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The British want to send troops to Ukraine for the first time  Ukraine-Russia war

The British want to send troops to Ukraine for the first time Ukraine-Russia war

The UK wants to send troops to Ukraine for the first time. The British Army will train Ukrainian soldiers at the site. The British Navy may also appear in the Black Sea. This was stated by British Defense Minister Grant Shapps in an interview with The Telegraph newspaper.

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So far, Ukrainian soldiers have been trained abroad: in the UK itself (the number has reached more than 20 thousand soldiers since the beginning of 2022) or at military bases of other NATO members.

Shapps – who was appointed a month ago – suggested to the British General Staff that they should also operate on the ground in Ukraine, “particularly in the west of the country”.

To protect

In the Black Sea, the British Navy could play a role in protecting ships.

“We are a shipping nation so we can help and advise, especially as we deal with international waters,” Shapps said. “It is important that we do not allow a hypothetical situation to arise where international shipping is somehow not permitted in those waters.”

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These measures would significantly increase the UK’s involvement in defending Ukraine against the Russian occupier. Until now, NATO members have avoided sending soldiers to Ukraine so as not to be drawn into fighting with the Russians.

Shapps also called on British defense companies to open factories in Ukraine.

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