January 27, 2023

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The city of Bantin is temporarily named “Bantene” for “promoting equality”, and this is causing quite a stir in France | Abroad

The Parisian suburb of Pantin will be called Pantin for a year. The feminization of the city’s name is, according to socialist mayor Bertrand Kern, a means of promoting “equality between women and men”.

In French, the “e” at the end of a word often indicates that it is the feminine form. It is already common practice in the country for a female lawyer (avocat) to be called a female lawyer in a newspaper. A female chef is a chef.

At Pantene, signage and other official communications will temporarily add an “e” to the name of 60,000 Soul City, which is located just north of Paris.

Kern announced the decision this week in his New Year’s address. “We want to raise awareness of this,” Kern added. Because, he says, it kind of changes, because gender: “Women continue to be paid less than men, some professions are off limits to women and women are less safe on the street than men.”

Foolish bitch

So, add the letter “e” to make it all negotiable. The reactions in France are not wrong. Twitter users immediately took off, naming Lyon (Lyon), Bourdelle (Bordeaux) and Saint-Étienne (Saint-Etienne) and noting that residents of Macon and the southern French village of Kaunasse now live in fear of the name. Mom Kun (fool, whore) and Kunas (whore).

On the other hand, far-right politician Florian Philippot fears that Lille will soon be called Lille (a pun on il – he and elle – she) and that Marseille will undergo a planetary change and be renamed Vénuseille. Others warn that “global writing” and “wake up” are fun and games, but threatening to the French language.

immediate sabotage

Opinions also appear to be divided on the ground in Pantin, according to French media. “The aim is noble, but the idea is laughable,” a resident of Pantenoise told a French television station. The “e” recently added to some of the capital letters on the Place de la Pointe in the city was vandalized in very short order with black tape.

The newspaper “Le Figaro” notes that though one elephant Of the females, most of the cities are males. Many Parisians see their city as a lady, but Victor Hugo was in it Notre Dame – Paris Since 1831 about “United Nations Parisso a gentleman.

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From now on, women will work “for free” for the rest of this year: “Part of the pay difference is down to their own choices. You shouldn’t get away with that.” (+)

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