December 5, 2023

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The committee talks about developing the Horn Station area

The committee talks about developing the Horn Station area

The proposal provides space for around 500 homes, there will be parking for cars and cycles and the station area will become a hub for trains, buses, cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. To implement these plans, we cooperate with partners such as NS, ProRail and the Province of North Holland. An image quality plan has also been developed for this project. This contains the standards that the buildings and space layout must meet. Therefore, this plan ensures the protection of environmental quality. The committee discusses the plans.

The council will likely decide on December 12 whether to adopt the plans.

Other topics: Abolition of old regulations

The municipality is committed to publishing all regulations and policies approved in this regard All applicable regulations can be found online in one place. There are still a number of old and/or unused charts online. It was not inadvertently withdrawn and must be done now.

Follow the committee meeting live or online

The committee meeting begins at eight o’clock in the evening in the municipal council hall. The public is welcome. You can also watch digitally via live stream:

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