May 20, 2022

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The death of Ingrid (58) from the movie "Misunderstanding the Restaurant": "I played an irreplaceable role" (Dest)

The death of Ingrid (58) from the movie “Misunderstanding the Restaurant”: “I played an irreplaceable role” (Dest)


Ingrid, the 58-year-old woman from Deest who can currently be seen on One’s “Misunderstanding the Restaurant,” has passed away. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2017.

at Misunderstanding the restaurant Young people with dementia run a restaurant, with guidance from Lieutenant-Colonel Dieter Koppens and Chef Sippy Nobles. From a positive approach, to show the world what they can still do. Ingrid could currently be considered the person in charge of the snacks.

On Monday afternoon, VRT announced that she had just passed away. “We just learned of the death of Ingrid, a highly valued member of the Kitchen Brigade Misunderstanding the restaurant† It was a wonderful adventure in which Ingrid played an irreplaceable role. So it was her express desire to broadcast the episodes. The whole team remembers her nothing but warmth and we wish her loved ones the strength to bear this loss.”

Dieter Coppins: “Ingrid was a very warm and sympathetic woman. Her adventure with us started a bit unsure, but gradually blossomed. We’re glad we might witness that.”

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Other employees at Misunderstanding the restaurant He gave a joint response: “Ingrid was a welcome colleague. As a team, we built a close relationship in a short amount of time. We understood and supported each other, and we learned from each other. Ingrid contributed incredibly to this.”

At the time, Ingrid was working as a laboratory assistant in a hospital, a job that required a great deal of concentration and dexterity. As a result, everyone quickly realized that something was wrong. But even before the official diagnosis was made, Ingrid said she already knew what was going on.(AED, bpr)

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