July 22, 2024

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The devilish laughter of Lotte Vanwezemael and Koen De Bouw as Will Smith: This was the ‘world’s smartest person’

The devilish laughter of Lotte Vanwezemael and Koen De Bouw as Will Smith: This was the ‘world’s smartest person’

Tonight’s winner:

Riad Bahrik He is – in short – the smartest person in the world in 302 seconds.


sexologist Lotte Fanoismail lose the final match to Kobe Elsenwhich has already participated in four consecutive episodes.

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Tuesday’s newcomer:

Riad and Kobe have to compete against someone who hasn’t been gone all this time: Dutch singer Merol.

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Best quotes:

Queen de Boo He sits on the jury for the first time, which makes him very happy Eric: “Finally someone has some intellectual baggage.” Philip, also on the jury: “Don’t I also have the heaviness of thought, Eric?” To Eric: “I think it’s great that you can pronounce it.”

Since it’s Halloween, the candidates have to let out their best devilish laughs already in the first round. Lotte excels at it. The jury was less than impressed with Riad’s performance, who he said was not working. Philip: “It must be monkey pox after all, Riad.”

Save energy, everyone is working on it. Queen He gives his best advice: “I asked the garage owner to install smaller wheels in the front of my car, so I consume less because I always drive on a little slope.”

After a picture tour about horror movies ask Queen in Eric If he doesn’t want to act now and then. Eric: “I like to act.” Quinn on a new series: “We are still looking for someone who died 200 years ago. You can also wear the same clothes.”

Riyad Al Bahri won the match by 302 seconds, which surprised everyone and especially his team. Eric: “Riyad, it was a little hare and a tortoise. I was a tortoise at first and now all of a sudden a hare.” Riyadh: “I thought I would be home in 100 seconds. This is really embarrassing.” Eric: “No, I played a good round of movies. You come back tomorrow and then play against Lotte or Kobe, who will succeed?” Riyadh: “I don’t really care anymore.”

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The most beautiful moment:

The passing of Coen de Poe will not be forgotten soon. Certainly not when Eric mentions that Quinn has been with his wife Chantal for over thirty years. Eric: “A beautiful woman, if I may say so?” Queen: “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth. ‘ in which Quinn stands and walks to Eric, similar to the well-known Will Smith moment at the most recent Academy Awards (Smith then slapped Chris Rock, editor).

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1 Bart Kanerts (17 episodes)

2 Daniera Bukhris Turksids (13 episodes)

3 Jonas Gernert (5 episodes)

4 Lisbeth Van Impey (4 episodes)

5 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)