December 1, 2023

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The director does not rule out a sequel to Britney’s film Crossroads |  film

The director does not rule out a sequel to Britney’s film Crossroads | film

Director Tamra Davis does not rule out a sequel to her film “Crossroads” (2002). According to Davis, there are ideas and they have been discussed, but there are no concrete plans yet.

The director discussed a potential sequel with one of the “Crossroads” producers she is now working with. The producer also discussed this matter with leading actress Britney Spears. Writer Shonda Rhimes is also said to have an idea. “Who knows if that will happen or not,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly.

Davis hopes that Rhimes, who is also the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, among others, will be involved in a potential sequel. “she is very wonderul.”

Scathing reviews

“Crossroads” is about three friends searching for themselves during a road trip. The film received harsh criticism at the time, but fans of Britney Spears consider it a classic. “Crossroads” is scheduled to be released again in cinemas next week, and in the Netherlands as well, because Spears’ memoir will be released on Tuesday.

The singer also wrote in her book “The Woman in Me” about scoring her first film. She found acting difficult and had a hard time letting go of her character, as can be read in the segment she shared with People magazine earlier this week. “Living like this, half as you and half as a fictional character, is crazy. After a while, you don’t know what’s real anymore.”

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