June 24, 2024

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The Ensors are now gender-neutral: There is no 'best actor' or 'besides...' (Oostende)

The Ensors are now gender-neutral: There is no ‘best actor’ or ‘besides…’ (Oostende)

Kevin Janssens will no longer be nominated in the “Best Actor” category in the future, but will be nominated in the “Best Actor” category. © Nick Decomple

The Ensors Awards, the most important Flemish film and television awards, will be gender neutral. Thus, the categories for Best Actor and Best Actress have been merged, so that awards will be awarded only in the next edition of “Best Acting Performance”. The organizers announced this on Friday.

GVSource: Belgian

The categories for “Best Acting in a Leading Role” and “Best Acting in a Supporting Role” will be created for both film and television. Since there was no award for supporting roles in the past, the number of awards given out remained the same.

And so the organizers are following in the footsteps of the Berlin Film Festival, which already canceled separate awards for actors and actresses earlier this year. The Golden Calfs, the Dutch Film Awards to be given out today/Friday, are gender-neutral for the first time this year.

In addition, the Ensors group is undergoing some other changes. New releases will also be eligible from next year. Ensor for “Debut of the Year” has been renamed to “Promise of the Year”. Then the category “Best Global Achievement of the Year” is called “International Achievement of the Year”, because more and more Flemish talents are not able to work abroad at once, but often remain actively involved.

The Ensors Awards will be awarded on January 29, the closing day of the Ostend Film Festival. Nominations will be announced on January 3rd.

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