June 17, 2024

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The Epic Games Store is giving away a free month of Discord Nitro – That’s Gaming

The Epic Games Store is giving away a free month of Discord Nitro – That’s Gaming

The Epic Game Store is well known for its free giveaways. In general, the store offers different video games every week, but now it is doing something a little different. In addition to the usual game giveaways, users can now get Discord Nitro for free in the store for a month. This offer runs through June 7, so you have plenty of time to head over to the Epic Game Store and grab your free trial. This is an especially good deal if you’ve never used Nitro before. With a full month of free access, you can judge for yourself whether the service is worth it.

Discord Nitro offers many benefits to subscribers, including access to new Avatar decorations, super animated reactions, and unique themes for the app. It’s not just about looks, Nitro lets you upload files of up to 500MB and offers HD Streaming, making it easier to share your gameplay with your friends. Plus, you get custom emojis and a couple of free boosters to use on your favorite servers.

There is one major limitation to this deal. You can only take advantage of the offer if you have not subscribed to Nitro within the last 12 months. This is great for new users, but you can’t get a free month if you’re already a Nitro subscriber. It is also important to note that you must cancel your subscription before the free month ends or you will be charged the regular monthly fee. That first limitation certainly limits the number of people who will take advantage of this free offer, but you can say the same about free games if you bought them before Epic made them free.

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The Discord Nitro feature isn’t the only thing currently on the Epic Game Store. We’re in week two of Epic’s Mega Sale, which means games of all kinds are currently on sale. In addition to Nitro, you can also get the Ultimate Edition of Fallout: New Vegas for free. This is a huge double bonus from Epic and it’s a great deal for users.