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The joke was too much, Eric Van Looy no longer accepts the comments of the “The Smartest Person” jury: “Your tone is a bit strange” |  television

The joke was too much, Eric Van Looy no longer accepts the comments of the “The Smartest Person” jury: “Your tone is a bit strange” | television

televisionHe says he’s paid well for it, so Eric Van Looy is happy to sit on his head and laugh at his age, American movie adventures and even his love interludes in “The Smartest Man in the World.” In Wednesday’s episode, the quizmaster was once again portrayed as a loser, but he attacked the jury for the first time and was a bit upset. It earned him applause.

However, it was a fun episode of “The Smartest Person in the World” on Wednesday with plenty of variety. Visual activity question that led to three drum solos? Check! Mexican wave in the studio? Check! Weird tales about semen color? Check! The exciting atmosphere that has defined “The Smartest Person” for 21 seasons was present again this time from the beginning. Newcomer Dominique van Malder was ready for his second participation, albeit after several years and 60 kilograms. “You finally fit in the chair,” replied jury member Pedro Elias. Dominic nodded: “Yes, this feels like a second session.” “You look so happy, you idiot,” Eric added gently. “That’s me too. And I wish I could say the same about you,” the audition candidate replied. The actor had to admit that his nickname ‘Dumpie’ wouldn’t exactly deter the other candidates, but the tone was set immediately and the atmosphere was good.

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Also with jury members Pedro Elias and Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, who once again sided with Eric. When asked a question about King Arthur, Jeroen suddenly accused the test director of being somewhat condescending because no answer had been found, namely knights, while Eric thought it was obvious. “How do you say that, Eric? I just want to point it out to you. Not respectful and bad in tone,” thought Jeroen. Eric was surprised, but he accepted the criticism with a smile. As always. Immediately afterwards something similar happened and the answer elicited “Pamela Anderson.” A chuckle from Erik. “Why that smile again, Erik?” Jeroen insisted.

The test director was obviously a little taken aback by the headwind and responded with mock anger: “Sorry, but your accent is a bit strange.” Eric puts the jury in their place: the viewer hasn’t seen that yet. It earned him applause.

Pedro Elias and Jeroen van Koningsberg in “The Smartest Person in the World.” © rack

Among the nominees, the biggest applause did not go to Dominique van Malder. The actor spent the entire episode following up on the facts, which in this case were called Juga Powell and Jacot Broken. The Weather Lady, who was a guest for the fourth time, was keen for her first win and eventually succeeded. Even with 242 seconds to go and without Robin Brunt’s stubborn tendencies. Jacquot’s final score was more impressive than that of Dominic and Goga combined. “That first win sounds good, Eric,” he said. Goga, experienced with six assists, had to settle the matter with Dombé in the final round. The voice impersonator may have had a bad day, but he’s never had a problem. The ticket for the next round, which Sinterklaas had in his pocket, ended up in Goga’s shoe. Dominique said she had a great experience, but had to go home empty-handed.

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Jacquot Broken wins the ring ahead of Goga and Dominik.
Jacquot Broken wins the ring ahead of Goga and Dominik. © RV

look. Actress Ahlam Taghdouini is the new nominee on Thursday. Eric weighs her chances.

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