March 2, 2024

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Wine with a dazzling effect or a Christmas newspaper: with these personalized Christmas gifts you will make your loved ones truly happy my guide

Wine with a dazzling effect or a Christmas newspaper: with these personalized Christmas gifts you will make your loved ones truly happy my guide

HLN StoreSanta has already waved goodbye, but not without immediately passing the torch to the next package deliverer dressed in his red and white uniform. In your role as Santa Claus, would you like to deliver truly unique gifts under the tree this year (and leave your fellow Santa Claus behind)? Then look for a tailored or personalized gift. Delivers to those who can’t get past socks or underwear HLN Store Customizable inspiration fivefold.

Surprising news

Do you really want to be original? Then place the Christmas newspaper under the Christmas tree. This is the newspaper of the day I came into the world. It’s always nice to hear about other crucial events that happened that day, isn’t it? Unfortunately, at the extreme moment you are still too new to try anything, you will not find dated newspapers in the newsprint trade and the original may have ended up in the waste paper long ago.

To rectify this unfortunate fact, HLN is delving into its extensive archives and providing an exceptional opportunity with The Birth Newspaper. All you have to do is provide the requested date of birth and not long after you will receive that day’s original front page back, fresh from the press, with a celebratory and personal note.

Donate a Christmas newspaper? See the deal in detail here.

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“amazing!” Wine

A classic among adult donors and recipients is the “bottle.” You can be sure that this gift will be well received, but unfortunately it won’t leave a lasting impression. If you want to take this cute, but not very inspiring, gift to the next level, you can start with a label design.

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You can choose the favorite spirit (wine, whisky, gin, beer) of the person you want to surprise, select the desired flavor or type of grape and bottle type and then get creative with the label and personal message. Little time and/or drawing talent? Then select one of the many ready-made labels that you can customize with name and message. Receiving your own “Whisky Wishes” or “Chateauneuf du Papa” is much more enjoyable than putting another random Cabernet Sauvignon in the wine rack, whose origins start to deteriorate after a few days.

Give a bottle with character: Start customizing your wine, whisky, gin or beer here.

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A dash of sun

What started with a coffee cup with a picture of the kids (grandkids) on it or a bath towel with your name on it, gradually took on a life of its own. By Christmas 2023, we’ve reached the point where you can print, engrave or personalize almost anything. From your tie to a personal street sign, a tile or a piece of chocolate.

For example, a collection of customized sandals is also very nice for those who long for summer. You can have a cheerful image and message of your choice printed on a pair of slippers, thus giving a little sunshine in anticipation of that summer trip. Would you prefer a gift designed specifically for the current season? Then personalized slippers are the ultimate Christmas gift.

Are you eager yet? Here you can design your own sandals or slippers.

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very comfortable

Or how about a custom board game? If you’re tired of people annoying you, you’ll probably be interested in disagreeing with the faces of a select group of friends/family members, with or without the company of your own face. You have a choice between a cardboard toy or a larger, more expensive wooden board.

The gooseneck panel is also a customizable option. If you don’t find the traditional version to be a model for the aesthetics, customize the look of the game with a self-selected image in the center and your own photos in 14 different boxes. You can also choose to have two games in one by having the board printed on both sides.

Make your own move: See how to get started here.

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Fresh classic

Another permanent item in your ever-smelling Christmas stocking: the scented candle. It can also be more personal. The options for this are endless. To get started, you need to choose the size and scent of your hand-poured organic candle, e.g French oak or Honey and tobacco. Then there are almost no restrictions anymore. You can choose your favorite customizable sticker from a wide range of designs or upload your own design. Alternatively, you can also unleash your creativity on perfume sticks or a luxury gift box. Start designing your own scented candles with a message here.

Need more gift ideas? Browse our year-end gifts for every type of party goer.

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