April 23, 2024

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The most sensational emotion in gossip – Libero Codydiano

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 26, direct clashes begin a Euro 2020: Italy is growing on the pitch against Austria and blue fever. Mr Roberto Mancini There is a doubt regarding the creation: to deploy the owner Marco Verratti, Recovered from the injury, or continue it Manuel Locatelly Is it really mesmerizing in the match, not just for Brazil who scored against Switzerland?

In short, Locatelle is a bit of a man of the moment, that’s all Juventus He has been on his way for some time and can close it very quickly to take him to Juventus (and how many regrets Milan got him out of the quick and bad way, and then you can see him explode in Sassuolo).

The fact that Lokadelli is a man at this time is also confirmed by a “draft” that was reported Time, Directed by Capitol’s newspaper Franco Pechis, We read the following: “Kira Vos Se Vladimir Putin He is a fan of Italian footballer Manuel Locadelli. A draft of Manuel’s sister’s interest in Russia, Martina Locatelly. Graduate in Russian Languages ​​and Literature. The tempo concludes in “Harry.”

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