April 21, 2024

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The Muse River is overflowing, discharging 10 thousand Maastricht


Dutch city Maastricht Called nearby residents Hujem e Randwick Leave their homes “soon“Because of the water level Muse River Runs through the city. Both neighborhoods are populated Ten thousand people. Authorities believe the water destroyed the docks in both neighborhoods around 3:00 p.m. “This means water will end up on the streets and in homes“, Reads the note.

According to the NPC news agency, the river is expected to reach its highest level in two centuries. Several municipalities in the German border province of Limburg have declared a state of emergency, forcing the eviction of residents in some areas. The Dutch government has recognized the state of natural disaster in the province. Authorities have not reported casualties until tonight, but bad weather has caused a lot of damage on the Dutch side of the border, especially in Walkenberg. King William Alexander and Queen Maxima met with travelers and residents of the area. Rutte is scheduled to leave for Limburg province tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the water level of the Steinbaugh River in northern Rhine-Westphalia had dropped, where, in the Uskirchen region, there were fears of a dam failure. Citing a spokesman for the crisis unit at the scene, he said D.P. It is listed “Very unstable“During the day, false rumors spread the risk of a landslide that led to many people fleeing.

In all, there were 67 deaths between Germany and Belgium, but at least 30 were missing.