February 2, 2023

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The Netherlands won the group for the 1/8 final, and Qatar ended the World Cup without goals |  World Cup 2022

The Netherlands won the group for the 1/8 final, and Qatar ended the World Cup without goals | World Cup 2022

For Qatar, only honor was still at stake, the host country had already been eliminated after 0 out of 6. On the other hand, Holland was on the bench, even one point was enough for a place in the 1/8 finals. Van Gaal Depay started for the first time in this World Cup and De Roon also earned a place in the starting lineup.

The Orange were by no means convincing against Senegal and Ecuador and were anything but impressive against Qatar. Lots of ball possession, yes, but hardly any pace or goal danger. The first shot on goal came from Qatar. On the other hand, Rivet just had to step in with an attempt by the blind man.

In addition to the mediocre match, there was another parallel for the buff with the first two matches in the group: once again Gakpo broke the spell. After a beautiful attack, he made the difference with a beautiful goal. His third goal in the World Cup finals and it was enough to keep the average Qatar away. Even when the level fell in the orange after 1-0.

Qatar also could not polish the reindeer in their last 45 minutes at the World Cup. On the contrary, barely five minutes into the first half, they conceded a second goal. A cross from Claassen was unfortunately extended by Khoukhi to Depay. He decided from close range on Parcham, but de Jong was able to score on the rebound.

So the tension was completely out of whack. Qatar could no longer salvage the honour, with a score of 0 out of 9 being a slight dip for the host country. The Orange even came close to winning 3-0 twice, but it wasn’t easy for Bergès. First, his goal was denied by Gakpo and in extra time the substitute hit the crossbar.

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Nobody in the Netherlands complained about that. After all, the orange rushes without much brilliance, but as the winner of the group gets to the 1/8 finals.