February 2, 2023

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"Vertonghen / Hazard in the press conference? I hope they can get people behind them again" |  FIFA World Cup 2022

“Vertonghen / Hazard in the press conference? I hope they can get people behind them again” | FIFA World Cup 2022

Not Arthur Theatt and Yannick Carrasco, but Eden Hazard and Jan Vertonghen speaking to the press together today. The duo would have a heated debate after losing to Morocco. “I hope they dare to wear their heart on their sleeve,” it sounds like on their daily World Cup podcast.

At 2:30 am last night, the Belgian Football Association sent an email. Content: Not Arthur Theate and Yannick Carrasco, but Eden Hazard and Jan Vertonghen will be addressing the press together today at 1pm.

noticeable. The two have often been brought up as the epitome of tensions in the team.

“There will undoubtedly be a statement,” Eddie DeMarez said on the World Cup podcast. “You don’t just drop a couple of names and then replace them with the key players.”

Yesterday, the Red Devils sat together in a group to discuss the previous game and to put any frustrations on the table honestly. “I suspect Vertonghen and Hazard are aiming to really explain the group discussion. It will be a matter of time to see if they dare to speak freely.”

Hopefully they can get people behind again

Steve Winants on the Sporza World Cup podcast

Adds Stef Wijnants: “It’s as clear as a lump why these two would be appearing at the roll call.”

For example, L’Équipe yesterday came out with a story that Vertonghen and Hazard could have been separated after the match against Morocco. “This story would not be true. At the press conference, it is likely that the Vertonghen/Hazard tandem will also refute it.”

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“That’s fine. I hope they dare to waste their hearts on their sleeves later. The residents seem to be a bit sympathetic at the moment. I hope they can get people behind again.”

“Indeed, I hope that Grenta will be read on their faces and that they will also be able to continue on the field on Thursday,” Demarez concludes.

Neymar is waiting for Brazil. The clock is ticking for Neymar. Brazil advances to the knockout stages, but they are showing a different look without their superstar. Eddie Demarez and Steve Winants note that Casemiro is very sharp, Pepe has a slight dip at 39 and the Red Devils will come out with a statement.

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