July 25, 2024

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The new Apple M2 chip is closer than you think

The new Apple M2 chip is closer than you think

Apple’s second generation chips in the form of the M2 aren’t very far away anymore.

Anyone who thought that Apple would release a new generation of computer chips each year was disappointed. The American tech giant from Cupertino used a completely different strategy. The technology company decided to release several variants of the M1.

I started with the M1. Later, all sorts of variants like M1 Pro, Max and Ultra followed. The current Apple chip is becoming more and more powerful. Those waiting for a Mac with an Apple M2 chip will finally get the light at the end of the tunnel after much patience. Bloomberg Message that Apple is currently actively testing the M2.

Apple is testing a variety of new Macs with an all-new chip. In fact, there are four versions of the M2 on nine different types of Macs. The chips will be tested on a Mac Mini, and MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The technology company is expected to launch the new M2 this year.

The introduction of its own chips did no harm to Apple. Intel’s transition to proprietary chips was a very impressive step. Not only are Macs performing better than ever. Apple now has a new one too unique selling point Plus the fact that the brand’s computers come with their own software.

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