December 5, 2023

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The oldest café in Etten-Leur is in trouble: regular customers take action

The oldest café in Etten-Leur is in trouble: regular customers take action

Café Roeloffs has been a household name in Etten-Leur for 134 years. The family business is in trouble after complaints about noise pollution. Regular customers are now donating money to help the cause. After a long day, the meter reached nearly 4,000 euros.

“I think it’s beautiful!” Wim Roelofs answers this Sunday from his café. “The people of Lore support me,” he says gratefully. “They will not let me down.” He is the fourth generation in Al-Hanafa, which was previously owned by his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Family friend Lindy Geerts is here this weekend Collection campaign I started. About 80 people have donated so far. “It really hurts me that these people are suffering so much,” Lindy says. “There are so many fond and fond memories of the café. Let’s join forces together and ensure its continued existence.”

For a long time, there was a lot to do around Café Roeloffs, also known as Hof van Holland. Apartments have recently been built near the café since 1889. Complaints about noise pollution have followed.

“The room is not insulated enough,” Wim finds out after the examination. According to him, the roof should be insulated, but the walls are very weak. The existing floor cannot handle the sturdier walls. In the end, it is better to rebuild the hall from scratch to comply with all noise standards. “That costs a ton.”

No more parties
For this reason no concerts were held for some time, and the place serves as a training ground for the associations for the time being. “Now he also has to miss the income from parties,” Lindy sighs.

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It doesn’t stop there. Wim: “Now people are also complaining about the balcony. I haven’t experienced that in 37 years. I have to play a police officer. Doing a job like this is no longer fun.” The municipality recently decided that the terrace should close at 11pm instead of 1am.

Wim also wants action against nuisance at the café. Geerts: “They have so many financial obligations that we decided to try to raise as much money as possible for the family so they can continue this wonderful family business!” Wim will retire in a few years, and the idea is that his daughter-in-law Anke will take over the business.

Big procession
There has already been a petition to support the café owners. There was a major support campaign in July. In a large procession, at the front, residents walked towards the café to show support. According to ZuidWest TV, there were hundreds of participants.

The municipality of Eten-Lor is trying to mediate between the residents and the café. what happened after that? “I don’t know what the future will bring,” Wim concludes.