April 22, 2024

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The Pope calls on everyone to be vaccinated with a video message abroad

The Pope calls on everyone to be vaccinated with a video message abroad

Pope Francis urged everyone to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. He did so in a video message with six cardinals and other bishops from North and Latin America. “They give us hope of ending the epidemic, but only if it is available to everyone and if we work together,” he says.

The Pope says everyone should be vaccinated. And by this he refers both to the many skeptics in Western countries, who currently do not trust vaccines, and to the population of poor countries who do not yet have access to a large stock of vaccines.

“Vaccination is a simple yet profound way of promoting the common good and caring for one another, especially for the most vulnerable. I pray that each one does his part, a little gesture of love,” the Pope said in his video message.

The message from Pope Francis and other archbishops and cardinals comes as part of a major advertising campaign to promote vaccines among the American population, as vaccines pile up in some parts of the United States. The video messages are meant to convince the American people to get vaccinated after all. The video is also used in a global campaign.


Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to demand a delay in giving a third vaccine in Western countries. This vaccine booster threatens vaccine supplies to poor countries. Medical experts have warned that increasingly dangerous variants could develop if the virus is allowed to spread in large groups of unvaccinated people.

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