February 6, 2023

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The relationship between vaccination and corona variables? Experts say no

For example, virologist Coretta van Leer stated that circulation of the virus ensures that there are more corona variants. It does not mean that the virus has a brain and chooses a precise strategy. The most successful virus is the one that spreads, According to a virologist from the University of Groningen. The mutations contain errors that were not in the original virus. Not all variations are equally successful, such as the beta variant (the first variant from South Africa). On the other hand, the new delta variant and the Omikron variant are evidence that mutations can propagate well.

The evolution of the coronavirus can only be effectively slowed if the spread is contained, says professor of molecular virology Eric Snyder. Through vaccination, among other things, the number of infections worldwide must be greatly reduced so that mutations do not stand a chance.

Success without vaccinations

When the delta variant started spreading in India, few people were vaccinated there. South Africa also has a low vaccination rate hence the new Omikron variant. According to virologists, these mutations did not appear because the ancient variants were prohibited by vaccinations. There is selection pressure here, which means that once old variables can no longer survive, new ones appear. “In this case, the emergence of variants has nothing to do with the number of vaccinated. The alpha variant also mutated successfully while there were no vaccines at all at the time,” says Van Leer.

The benefit of vaccination

The Groningen virologist says that vaccines still protect us from dangerous infections. What we are now less protected from are the cold complaints that arise from corona. More colds mean more virus particles spread. The booster shot counteracts that for a while. Not being vaccinated actually means everyone will get infected. Yes, then we become immune, “but the virus escapes that immunity through evolution, so in a new formula.”

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By: National Care Guide