December 5, 2023

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The resumption of competition leads to Foreholte's loss

The resumption of competition leads to Foreholte’s loss

Voorhout – Voorholt imagined something completely different when the competition resumed. From the good feeling of the recent victory against and against Schuten, Pankratius must believe it now. Voorholt will continue on the road. After 95 minutes under strange weather conditions, the Voorhauters family returned to Earth. Badhoevedorp once again took the full win from Voorhout, and it was 1-2.

Actually, it shouldn’t have been played under these weather conditions, but yeah… it was the end of lockdown, so go ahead. The match was less than 4 minutes old when Pancratius was allowed to take a free kick about 25 meters from Voorhout’s goal. With the force of the hurricane behind Mike Reuter he hit the ball over a late reaction Matisse Guigt on the bottom of the crossbar and the gem disappeared through a strong bounce into the roof of the goal (0-1).

The Voorhouters were briefly eliminated, but then they took the lead in the game. Or was Pankratius just fine when Foreholte got the ball? They withdrew into the defense, keeping a close eye on Voorholti and making sure that the home team could not use the space behind the defense against the wind, simply because that space no longer existed. However, there were a number of opportunities for the red and white formation to tie the score, but the ability to score turned out to be very limited on Sunday.

In the second half, Voorholt faced the storm in the back, but their persistence left plenty of space behind the defense. First, Voorhout’s team passed through the eye of the needle after a foul by goalkeeper Guijt during a penetration by Pancratius. Midfielder Dave Hertog then hit the crossbar with a quick effort and fifteen minutes ago Bas van Bell seemed to have decided the match when Guijt didn’t give any chance on the counterattack with Foreholte (0 – 2).

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Coach Bloemheuvel brought in Tony Arroyo for Chris Guijt and Jimmy Voorn for Jesse Tijsen, but Foreholte continued to combine football. Pankratius seemed to be making his way to victory in peace when Rick Brabander finally got a penalty with his one-on-one actions and then fired it in (1-2). In the final minutes, Voorhouters tried to force a draw with the opportunist, but that did not become too dangerous in the Pancratius penalty area.