December 6, 2023

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The “revolutionary” Humane AI button appears to be a smartphone without a screen

The “revolutionary” Humane AI button appears to be a smartphone without a screen

For months, Humane has been trying to build buzz around the AI ​​Pin, a device that would make the smartphone obsolete. The leaks show something that basically looks like a smartphone without a screen, and its price is $699.

The AI ​​Pin is the first product from Humane, a company founded by former Apple employees, among others. Humane has been trying for months to build buzz around a device that you wear on clothing like a button or brooch. The AI ​​Pin doesn’t have a screen, but it can speak out relevant information or display it on your hand using a small projector.

Reports say the AI ​​Pin is now priced at $699 the edge Based on leaked information. The AI ​​Pin is expected to be unveiled later today, and can only be used with a paid subscription of another $24 per month. The AI ​​Pin uses the T-Mobile network in the US under the Humane brand, and the AI ​​Pin uses AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI.

Fixed with magnetic battery

The device itself is described as a square that you magnetically click onto your clothes. The clip you attach to the back will also be the battery. This way you can change the battery during the day; The device comes with two batteries with an unknown operating duration.

The button contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, a camera, and depth and motion sensors to map the environment. There is a touch surface on the device for operation. It also has a green laser projector, which allows users to see the information at their fingertips: who’s calling, for example. When the AI ​​Pin is shooting, the light turns on.

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Humane’s goal is for people to use AI Pin as a completely standalone device, not as an extension of their phone. The AI ​​Pin should be able to replace the smartphone in its basic functions, in part so that people spend less time looking at their smartphones. AI should help with this by arranging all kinds of things for the user without a screen.

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